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This is the stall makers/aggregators/assemblers Working Group'
Co-Ordinator: Neil
Members: Claire, Marsha (sometimes), Kuba

Our first stall prototype




26th June, 10am- 2pm, Lounge, E-Block, Chelsea College of Arts

This was for planning and logistics.

Our intention is that Andreas and PublicWorks will have refined the stall typologies, and we will be planning production. Organising the collection of skipped materials, ordering timber/taupualin/screws/tools/etc and organising working groups to start component cutting/assembly before the 3rd July.

One idea that emerged, is the need to think of the 'take-down' on the 12th/13th July as time to creatively repurpose the stalls into usable furniture.......very exciting

Sunday 28th is also the end of the degree show, so we could try and direct waste materials to our materials store.


Mari table legs and frame
Stall Workshop 1, gleaning resources

Stall workshop2 18th June, 10am- 4pm Parade Ground Chelsea College of Arts

Great day, thanks! I think we all leanrnt a lot.......hats and suncream a must.

best to you all


Mari inspired stall typology 2
Stall typology 1
TransActing Stalls working group workshop with PublicWorks on 2nd June, 10am -5pm PARADE Ground, Chelsea College of Arts.

We started fabricating some stall typologies, from scavenged materials Stall Workshop1

Early speculation

Bamboo, eyelets, eyelet punch, string, rope, big clips, fabrics (water/sun proof), bunting (no), awning materials (stripey), cable ties,

Neil to price up bamboo:

possible stall base £61.50
Lets make some of these

Top rails
20/25mm x 3m* = £2.25
30/35mm x 2m = £2.77
40/45mm X 2m = £3.29

Estimating two top rails and eight structure = £30.82 for bamboo

table-tops and trestle 122 X 61 X 73 = £ 63

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#TransActing: Stalls+Materials May - October 2015
- - TOTAL BUDGET £3500 -
What's Payment for Date of claim Description of claim Amount £ Paid
Screws 17th June screws for workshop £12.98 Y
Timber for workshop 18th June 15 paid from CP account £88.57 Y
Timber for stalls 28th June 15 paid from CP account £506.03 Y
3 stripey tarpaulins 29th June for workshop £38.40 N
30 stripey tarpaulins 29th June coverings for stalls £229.50 Y
more timber for stalls 6th July 2015 for stalls, from NC prof and ACE £644.57 Y
timber for stall tops 7th July 2015 stall tops, from ACE (marsha) £196.07 Y
Screws 3rd-11th July Screws for construction £283.42 y
Cam Buckle tie-downs 7th July to secure stalls £259.75 Y
gloves 29th June misc. gloves £07.08 Y
Bits and pry-bar 14th July general use £08.96 Y
Pen 14th July Pen to make signs £5.95 Y
Running total As of 21st July - £ 2281.28 -
Name date of claim description £ Y/N
TOTAL LEFT - - £ 1218.72 -

Daily Tasks during Building Week

Task Fri 3rd Sat 4th Sun 5th Mon 6th Tues 7th Weds 8th Thurs 9th Fri 10th
Teas, coffees and general hydration Amy
Lunchtime set up and clean up Amy
Volunteer facilitator Cinzia
End of day clean up Neil
Photo / video documentation Metod

Tools List

Marsha- 1Drill-1 Hand saw

Angela- 1 Drill-1 Hand saw-1 Spirit level

Kuba-1 Drill

Andreas- 1 Drill- 1 Chop saw-1 Hand saw- 1 Extinction lead 20 M- 2 Spirit levels- 1 Roofing square-5 Gloves

Neil-1 Drill-2 Hand Saws- 1 Hammer- 1 Square.

Karem-2 Drills- 3 Hand saws- 1 Circle saw- 1 Jig saw- 1Stapler- 3 Hammers- 3 Extension Cables mixed length- 1 Spirit level-..........

David Cross- countersinking drillbit, magnet to detect nails etc. sharp woodsaw, speed clamps, try square, 40mm chisel, hammer, tape measure, mole grips, pliers.

Amy - 1 Drill, 1 Spirit level,

Please add any tools you may be able to bring....