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Coordinator: Metod
Members: Neil Cummings, Marsha Bradfield, Amy McDonnell, Karem Ibrahim, Blanca Regina, Trish, Eva, Claire, Sissu, Catherine

Development 3: Choosing which green colour for #TransActing: A Market of Values (in 3 shades)

Below you will find a revised version (option 3 from the CP: #TA Development 2) in three variables – colour shades. I would advise to think more in bright colours, as it is easier to reduce saturation later, than boost saturation once we are running the grayish shade. With this in mind also, we will have all black, and gray and black options for the B&W instances – see below.

#TransActing – Visual Identity – Development 2, option 3.1
#TransActing – Visual Identity – Development 2, option 3.2
#TransActing – Visual Identity – Development 2, option 3.3
#TransActing – Visual Identity – Development 2, option 3 in Grey
#TransActing – Visual Identity – Development 2, option 3 in Black

Development 2: Vote – Colour shades

Turquoise (Dev 2, option 1 – original from Dev 2):

Turquoise-grey (Dev 2, option 2):

Grey-turquoise (Dev 2, option 3):

Development 2: Choosing which green colour for #TransActing: A Market of Values (in 3 options)

Below you will find a revised version (option 1 from the CP: #TA Ideas') in three variables – colours.

#TransActing – Visual Identity – Development 1, option 1
#TransActing – Visual Identity – Development 1, option 2
#TransActing – Visual Identity – Development 1, option 3

Development 2: Vote – Colour

Yellow-green (Dev 1, option 1): YES - Neil (although I was hoping for a more olivey option, this shade is close to PARADE)YES - Amy (and I like olive) - Marsha (yes, on olive green but not khaki - how about this?) FN021 OliveGreen-1.jpg

Green (Dev 1, option 2):

Turquoise (Dev 1, option 3):

Ideas: Visual look for #TransActing: A Market of Values (in 4 options)

CP: #TA will involve a broad range of visual and written materials throughout the process of preparing for the market and the actual market in July and the publication. CP: #TA's visuals need to hold and inform the content generated but not dominate it.

With this in mind I decided on a general (understated) feel and look, but also on a few protocols everybody can generate it by typing it into whatever word processing or design application you use and will look exactly the same across applications and users.

TransAction visuals:

  1. CP: #TA are always written together – one above the other. #TransAction always starts with "#" and follows by a colon ":" if we spell the whole title.
  2. CP: #TA can be written in three possible variations as seen in the presentation but we should decide on one core variation: CP (initials) + #TransAction, or Critical Practice + #TransAction, or Critical Practice + #TransAction: A Market of Values
  3. I am using a very versatile and clear font – Roboto (I will send this to all). It is not Helvetica (or Arial) but has a similar strong feel. This professional font comes in 6 weights (+italics) which will be great both for titles and text body. It includes all western Europe, eastern Europe, Cyrillic and Greek glyphs, which will allow us to be precise in crediting throughout the process, market and the publication.
  4. Colours are not final! In the presentation you can see four variations which can be mixed and matched but can also be changed in what we want. We will use 1 strong colour and black as you can see in the visuals. This will also be important if we'll be printing a 2-colour publication (depending on the budget we'll have).
  5. Visuals are different in only minor glyph or style changes: either a colon, under-line, curly brackets, or none. We will chose one of the four and apply it throughout CP: #TA documents and visuals.

Development 1: Visual look for #TransActing: A Market of Values (in 3 options)

#TransAction – Visual Identity – option 1
#TransAction – Visual Identity – option 2
#TransAction – Visual Identity – option 3
#TransAction – Visual Identity – option 4

We are choosing one of the four options and brainstorm on colours we will use. If you want these visuals be used with content, let me know and will develop some practical uses of the CP: #TA visuals.

Vote – (no) Glyph

Option 1 (no glyph): YES (neil) (Neil F) (Amy) (Claire)
Option 2 (under-line):
Option 3 (colon ":"):
Option 4 (braces or curly brackets):

Vote – Colour (#1):

(Neil F - No preference)
Yellow-ish: YES (Amy)
Green-ish: YES (neil - maybe a touch darker? olive?) (Claire)


Once we have decided on one of the options I will create a Protocol now to use, produce and apply the #TransAction – Visual Identity.

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