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DATE Thursday 3rd March 2011
LOCATION Research Base Room, 2.30pm till 5pm, Chelsea College of Art and Design, Millbank

THOSE PRESENT: Marsha, Cinzia, Raquel, Kuba and Neil
APOLOGIES: Metod and Karem
CHAIR: Marsha
Minutes: Neil

Item 1: The Broken Mailing List

To discuss: The Broken list

The mailing list is on the ChelseaWiki server, its broken. Webmaster Ian says it is fixable but it could take ages to find the fault. A better idea would be to move to Google groups. We agree to move the mailing list function to Google groups. People can opt out if they no longer wish to participate.

ACTION: Marsha to set up the group and migrate old mailing list.

Item 2; Latitude Festival

To discuss: WE are invited to participate in Latitude festival in July.

We are invited by Charlotte Webb to participate in Latitude festival in July. We read the email invitation and struggle to know how to contribute and why. There is no great enthusiasm, but also we don't really know what it is we are being asked to contribute too.

We suggest that the treasure HUNT format might work well, especially as a trial. We need the treasure HUNT working group to see if there is a correspondence.

ACTION: Neil/Marsha to put Charlotte in touch with Metod, HUNT coordinator

Item 3; Mailing the PARADE publication

To discuss: Mailing the PARADE publication to participants

We have the opportunity to mail the publication to participants, and key people we would like to give the legacy publication to. Its magnificent! We all agree to make a selected snail-mail list and email this to Neil to cooordinate

ACTION: Cinzia to comb through the Annual Publication list for appropriate addresses.

Neil to coordinate the mailing list for the publication.
Neil and Raquel will help Becky address, stuff and mail the publication.
Neil to request PDF of publication for email distribution

Item 4: ART/VALUE (working title)

To discuss: "What are the effects of art?" is the invitation from Artur Zmijewski, curator of the Berlin Biennial.

Kuba recounts the meeting with Marsha and Artur Zmijewski, in January.
Kuba thinks that we have an invitation for a concrete proposal, for what to do for the Bienial.
Marsha thinks it is a pre-proposal proposal, where we propose a project, and then see if it can be accepted.

Kuba mentions the 'Manifesto' of Zmijewski, pulished in 2009. Its on the The Applied Social Arts, and could be a good indicator of what we are being invited to participate in

What could be the result of art? is the question.
We talk of social prototypes, Investment and taking care, and the lecture of Bernard Stiegler and live notes. Cinzia suggests we inject our practices (barcamps, markets, future archive, emergent walks, etc) into a non-cultural 'other' _ another institution. Using our experiences of the workshops in Madrid.
We need a schedule, we need a deadline, and a timeline. We have a deadline. END OF MARCH
(Kuba proposes to make it 3rd of April, as he has the limited time capacities by 31st of March)

We need a page of text, as a proposal, and will try to submit it by the end of March. A statement of intent.

We discuss how to frame the proposal. And Cinzia reminds us of the Between of April 2007 on the theme of Value and we decide to find in the archive and view the documentation. Its a film.

We discuss: Why value? And where is value located?
Art and Value is everywhere, as a theme. Its a hot topic.
Personal balance sheet of Cinzia at the Disclosures ResourceCamp.
Economic value of art, values. We had a lively discussion as value as evaluative, its a process. The 'result' mentioned in the Zmijewski invitation implies a finality.

We mull over Exchange, Use, and symbolic value forms.

We will try and think of social forms where values and processes of evaluation are exposed.
We will gather around issues of common interests.Assemble around common interests. This is all we represent. We organise social forms while we organise ourselves.

Marsha leaves the meeting, to prepare for the panel for the PARADE publication launch

Raquel asks: Should we reach out to others?
We area a homogeonous group........... Cinzia reminds us of Latour.

We decide to post some questions and assemble the Art/Value proposal text on the wiki
Value as a value?
What are the values we invest in and produce as Critical Practice?
Evaluative horizons. We like this phrase

The meeting fractures.

ACTION: We agree to post some Art/Value proposal questions on the wiki and aggregate the proposal text.

Next meeting in April, tbc.

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