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DATE 5pm. Tuesday 5th May 2009
LOCATION Royal Festival Hall, South Bank London

Present: Ewelina, Marsha, Michaela, Cinzia, Ken, Neil.

Chair: Marsha

Minute Taker: Cinzia

Item 1: Research Trip to Poland update

To discuss: Where we are in terms of the research trip

Kuba has organised an amazing round of Derives and meetings.
We will meet at St Pancras Station, in front of the ugly embracing statue at 2.50pm.

ACTIONS: Neil will bring copies of issues 1 and 2 of the publication.
Ken will source maps and plans of the Parade Ground.
Marsha will print some images of the Parade Ground.

A warning from Ewelina: inform your bank that you will be using your card in Poland, or they might block it.

During the trip, we will be drafting some drawings of possible structures, discuss the invitation to Polish artists to TrAIN talks (see below), and draft a proposal for TrAIN's participation in Parade.

Item 2; Architectural Foundation Competition

To discuss: Do we, and if so how, want to proceed with the Architectural Foundation's idea of a competition for the Parade structure

The Architectural Foundation sprang on us a series of fees! Neil will respond that we would rather not proceed with the competition.

Ken has been talking to Damian Illy of Arup - there are concerns about the size of the central structure. We might just have a common roof and separate out areas, including an 'official' one for standard conference settings.

Neil has been talking to Brad Still at AA school. After the trip, Neil will liaise to see if they are still interested in working on the structures, how, etc. They might set up a module around the project. Ken will liaise with Westminster Council for planning permission.

Item 3; PIC NIC anyone???

To discuss: Should we start thinking about a date?

We discuss merging the picnic and the Public Camp at the Kennington Park. We decide against it.

Public Camp: dates 29-30 June. Michaela will coordinate, start a page on the wiki and reserach Chartist aesthetics for publicity. When we have a page, Neil will contact the RSA, who have expressed an interest. Michaela will adapt the template for the ResourceCamp we held at Disclosures last year.

We aim to use this Camp as a research tool for Parade. We need to start mobilising people we are interested in involving.

PICNIC: Thursday 9th June at 2pm at St James Park. Cinzia will post to the list.

Item 4: Budget

To discuss:brief overview

Chelsea will not support CP in opening a community account - we will open a private one (Cinzia).

We decide to share the fee from the Disclosures educational workshop (£200) between Marsha and Michaela, who have invested a lot of time and effort to make it happen.

Check out the Budget 08 09 Table (soon to be updated) for an overview of the current state of our budget.

We still do not know how much we need to set up Parade.

On the funding front:

  • Cinzia and Marsha's AHRC application has been rejected on bizarre grounds. We will follow up.
  • Cinzia will research and persue Esmee Fairnairn Foundation, Elephant Trust and Levehume Foundation.
  • Michaela will follow up Nokia, and research the criteria for the Paul Hamlin Foundation
  • Neil, Michaela and Ken will look into an Arts Council application
  • Neil will persue support from Chelsea by liaising with Sonya Dyers, who has just delivered a report on using the Parade Ground to the dean
  • Ken will continue to persue British Land
  • Cinzia and Neil will work out a blind auction.

Item 5: Any Other Business (AOB)

To discuss: TrAIN talks

Ewelina gives us some dates to invite Polish speakers. We decide the January-March 2010 would be best as a lead up to Parade. We can choose one event, or a series. Speakers will receive £150 fee. We will have to source traveling expenses.

We also would like to invite TrAIN to participate in Parade. We will discuss what to propose to them while we are away.

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