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DATE November 8th, 2010

LOCATION Room AG07, 6.30pm till 8pm, Chelsea College of Art and Design, Millbank

present Kuba, Metod, Karem, Neil, Ken, Marsha
chair Metod
Minute Taker Neil

Item 1: Institutions of Culture, Work, & Education at the Impasse: What is Worth Fighting For? events and flyer

To discuss: Where are we at? Kuba to report back - Marsha to report back. Call for support across CP.

Marsha - ICA have rescheduled and there is no space to meet. There was a call and various spaces around London - Marsha organized for one at Chelsea.
Kuba - visited the centre of possible studies, its a bit atomized. Although there is a general feeling we should forge ahead and organise in a time of heightened precarity - Arts Council, Student Fees, Financial crisis, etc.
ACTION Some of us will attend tomorrow, and others at the march on Wednesday.

Item 2; Free Slow University

To discuss: Marsha to report on her draft

Kuba is organizing and Metod is liaising flights, train and organization. Take warm clothes, because there might be no heating........!
It will be busy with lots of presentations, and exciting too. Some practical presentations and others more theoretical - its around issues like the refusal of labour and critical malfunctions, like Bartleby by Melville. Marsha, Karem and Metod will each make 7min presentations of some kind of project/cultural failure in a barcamp like setting.

In Warsaw, it will be more like long intense days of 'case studies' where exemplars will illuminate or be critical of some systemic cultural problem. We need to produce 100 word abstract of our contribution soon, and 1000/1500 word paper by the 30th November. Marsha to draft both and get feedback from Karem and Metod.

Item 3; Ranchito

To discuss: feed-back on what we understand of the Ranchito project

Metod feedsback on what he understands of the Ranchito project after the week long research in Madrid, he produced some great notes of the process -Ranchito. We think they would like us to be like a think-tank or a consultancy, and help El Ranchito to develop an organizational model and, at the same time, to produce the event/events. We try to explain the Tabacalera and the fascination of people in Madrid with it, as an example of the idea of 'self-organization'. We try and discuss what we think is emerging. How to be a consultancy? How to consult on organizational practice and produce the event/events. Critical Practice as a catalyst. Bataille. Karem suggests the idea house. We would like to know and be clear about the project, but suspect this is not going to happen so Marsha suggests embracing emergence.

We suggest a series of workshops, events, or barcamps to help our work in January 11. This is a great idea. Marsha is interested in ideas of 'membership' and how to develop and export some of theses ideas. We agree to meet and plan some ideas for the workshops/barcamps/activities for January.
ACTION: Neil to convene a date soon

Item 4: Parade Publication

To discuss: Neil on the progress of the publication

All the material is with the designer, and are waiting for a first rough layout to feedback from. We discuss the Glossary and why we have not managed to find time to work on it. We agree it is a good idea.
ACTION We agree to finish all contributions by the 20th of November, and Neil to contact the designers and alert them.

Item 5: Membership anyone? (AOB)

To discuss: What does it mean to be a member in CP - highlight issues for future discussion and schedule workshop/meetings

16th December is for workshops to discuss memberships and wiki practice, and then have a Christmas Party 30th November to co-ordinate ideas for the Ranchito workshops

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