11th February

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Some thoughts about what might be useful to put to our consultants:

1. Thinking about the idea of the 'market of economic positions', do we want to ask them what might be good to include?

2. Do we want to ask them to suggest people that might be good to invite?

3. From a BTFM point of view (given that this idea was first mooted as a way of informing ourselves better about some of the issues involved in looking 'beyond the free market'), do we want to try to have some of our questions addressed?

We might take as our overall problematic: understanding the consequences of alternative economic choices.

Some questions that BTFM has formulated, slightly versioned for this more general discussion:

- Why is a ‘growth economy’ a good thing, when the New Economics Foundatio (nef) propose that growth is not necessary to happiness?

- What would be the social and political consequences of a ‘distributive market’ i.e. a more equal distribution of natural resources and human assets?

- How does a ‘distributive market’ work? And how is the move from competitive to distributive market made?

- What would a market based on the real environmental costs of producing things look like?

- Under the present economic system – ‘global capitalism’(?) - is waste inevitable?

- Where does consumer demand come from (suppliers, consumers, mediators e.g. advertising?

- To what extent has the government (our government, the EU) intervened in economics? (Excluding Northern Rock, Metronet, cash for honours etc.)

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