16 11 11 meeting

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Present: Neil, Sharon, Metod and Karem.

These are just notes of the meeting:

Sharon read the Lion Television call for ideas
We think that "Original points of view" and "the evolution of ideas" and "the story of study", seem very relevant to us.

Lion TV has a historical dimension to its progams. We discuss linking our educational practices to historical examples of self organised, or alternative forms of knowledge production. We discuss miners, and Working Men's clubs from the 19th century, and the Pittmen painters.

We decide to list our educational tools
Speed Tipping
Walk and Talk
Future Archive
Market of Ideas
Pecha Kucha

We discuss something like 4x 10 mins walk and talk in 4 different locations that explore the (histories) and practices of self education in that that location.

Huntorama could work in a similar way, exploring histories of knowledge and self organised education in specific locales.

Future Archive could work really well, inhabiting the future, and how we get there. We get very excited, this could really work!!! It seems timely, given the crisis in Education. We discuss Mums Net and Instructables as contemporary examples of peer2peer learning.

We decide to collate historical examples of self education by Monday 21st and start the Lion TV proposal, the deadline is 1st December.

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