18th September, 2009 Parade minutes

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Royal Festival Hall: 2:00-4:00
In attendance: Ben, Cinzia, Neil, Marsha, Metod, Michaela
Chair: Cinzia
Minutes: Marsha

Item 1: Where are we with the Parade project

To discuss: re-cap and gauge commitment to Parade

Generalized sense enthusiasm has dwindled

  • Potential collaborators have not actioned
  • Paraders cannot commit in the ways necessary to make this a big event
  • Cinzia is very keen and has been approaching people she said she would
  • Michaela is very keen but is writing up her PhD
  • Metod is very hectic over the next few months, with a show in China, etc.
  • Neil is still keen but has lost some enthusiasm owing to a lack of response from potential collaborators
  • Marsha is keen but cannot commit to writing funding proposals as she’s in the last year of her PhD
  • Ken is committed but “time poor” owing to his teaching load

It seems we need to recalibrate our expectations

  • Chelsea has been in the process of (re)thinking how it runs the graduate school; we’re unsure we’re going to have money…no decisions for the last nine months
  • Why hasn’t Parade been built into the program? The structure in Chelsea is not in place to be able to support our ambitions.
  • Cinzia: connected with The Engine Room and they seem interested
  • Michaela: wonders about cultivating a different ambition – and using our established networks, also writing applications based on past work as an index of work to come. PubliCamp good example of bringing people together. Gasworks: well-established network and "speaks the same language"
  • Metod: wonders about formal considerations: tensions between having a “slot/stall” and creating “collaborations”. People may be initially enthusiastic but they don’t want to invest a lot of time organizing. We’re thinking about building a public space and inhabiting it as a public(s)…but the structure is too open and we don’t know what we want to do…
  • Neil: observes the situation is more complex. Potential partners said they’d build Parade into their curricula, but there have been no concrete responses.
Any one of us could organize an event; what we wanted to do with Parade, however, was different. We wanted to a) develop it in collaboration with others; and b) develop it publicly, online. But this isn’t happening. The enthusiasm index isn’t working…it’s a struggle to keep the ethic going and our plans transparent.
  • Ben: asserts that transparency is one thing but this shouldn’t get in the way of driving the project forward
  • For Neil, this project as the whole of CP - has also been about risk, the possibility it might fail, the public may fail to constitute itself.
  • Marsha: observes she doesn’t have the same sense of Parade – some parts may be risky; others less so.
  • Cinzia: Wonders how we still want to work with both formal and informal gathering modes. Also, we may rethink duration: Perhaps we just do a three day event with a shorter build-up.
  • Marsha: suggests we bring together various forms - hybrid space/place: market of ideas, barcamp, maybe we run a conference in parallel
  • Michaela: is interested in it being like an architectural conversation that develops over time. She imagines looking at the parade ground over a few days and observing changes…
  • Neil: says we've had conversations about infrastructure – it’s not just about being in public, it’s about building a structure and inhabiting the public.

Item 2: Planning Parade

To discuss: who is going to do what

Various people observe we’ve done a massive amount of work and yet, each time we meet, we seem to start from ground zero – this makes it challenging for all. It seems we’re shooting for a moving target. Also, there are issues around ordering activities

  • We can’t make a budget because we don’t know what we’re doing and yet to impose some kind of form on this event from the onset seems antithetical to Parade’s ethic, which is about developing the initiative responsively and tracking this progress online.
  • Neil feels we need to be specific about what we need for funding purposes. Will we buy 25 umbrellas?
  • Cinzia: has liaised with Ken for a budget, but Ken has been too busy to work on it.
  • Cinzia: notes we have 30 weeks – not a lot of time to apply for monies
  • It seems we have to re-think the Polish connection, as we can’t seem to move forward on funding. Neil agrees to draft an email to Kuba.
  • Marsha: thinks this might become a missed opportunity but is not in a position to action; Neil doesn't believe we should just take the opportunity because it's there.
  • It’s agreed that we spend some more time thinking about how to proceed.

Item 3; WUW - Slow University of Warsaw

To discuss: What will we contribute to the Open University project in Warsaw? A barcamp, market of ideas kind of thing? And if so about what? - Kuba suggests one of the themes from the enthusiasm index.

  • We agree to do a barcamp around theme 6 from our enthusiasm index: The Public Body. We want to define a question, which will form the central point of the BarCamp.
  • We’ll be thinking about this in relation to the aims and objectives of WUW. Also, it’s agreed we’ll chat to Kuba about doing this site specifically…somewhere in Warsaw that might activate the theme.
  • We agree to fly on Friday the 16th of October and Return on Monday the 19th of October, in the morning.

Item 4: Funding?

To discuss: Update and further planning

  • We need to move on Arts Council...but need greater clarity first, and someone with enough time and energy to work on it.

Item 5: Any Other Business (AOB)

To discuss: BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF CONTENT (This didn't [really] happen)

  • Cinzia has paid the server hosting from the Disclosures fees that she is holding and started the 2009-2010 budget on the wiki.
  • Ben, Cinzia, Neil and Marsha have a fascinating discussion around “the big push,” interest and investment – Where does the push come from to make something happen? Why invest in something? Do we accept failure all the way through? Considerations of self-interest…basic expectations related to cause and effect, and motivations to invest/not invest in the common good.
  • Perhaps Ben would like to contribute to the barcamp remotely?
  • Cinzia talks about disease in the public body - blindness to the self-interest embodied in constituting the public. (shades of Vocabulaboratories?)

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  • Neil will start a Public Body barcamp page on the wiki
  • Neil will draft an email to Kuba about the Polish connection
  • Cinzia will look into flights to Warsaw [done]