21st May minutes

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DATE Wednesday 21st May

LOCATION 6pm, Canteen, Chelsea College of Art and Design, Millbank

it would be good to finish by 7.45pm, so we can catch the football.......

THOSE PRESENT: Trevor, Cinzia, Jem, Michaela, Marsha and Neil
CHAIR: Trevor
partial Notes: Neil

Item 1: publication

To discuss: To discuss: content and production of issue 2 of our annual Publication

What was issue 1 of the publication for? asks Jem
We answer:
1.to reflect on what we had done so far as CP
2. distribute material off line
3. inform of projects in progress and invite participation

but Neil observed, that we were bad at distributing.......

Should we use the publication, to consolidate our reflection, if reflecting is what we need to do?
Should we do a weekend barcamp to work on the content and structure of the publication /
We talk of using the opportunity to reflect on our recent past projects London Festival of Europe, the Market of Ideas an Disclosures were all so fast and intense, we could record and think them through........?

And we will all have many different reflections on the same event.
We could publish already written texts, and develop special texts.
Michaela ventured that she might help with the reflection process.

Action: Cinzia to coordinate the publication
Action: Trevor to produce - design and print, and we all to contribute content to the page *******
Action: Neil will try and convene enthusiasm for finishing the draft guidelines for Budget Management, as these might be useful for the publication.

Item 2; TITLE

To discuss: What do we want to do next?

This was from our discussion of generating rather than reacting to events....... In discussion we agreed to use the lottery- out of a hat type event- to generate a big idea. The lottery- out of a hat type event- was when we each put three ideas into a hat and they were drawn out and discussed, it was really productive before, so maybe we should try it again.
Hey, this would be a great thing to do at our annual picnic!


Action: It's a condition of attendance at , that as well as food, everyone has to bring three great ideas for a big, long term research project, event..........something.
Picnic. 26th June from 2pm in St James's Park

Item 3; What happened to the Visions in the Nunnery project?

To discuss: The commitment dissipated ... What can we learn from this?

We have a discussion about holding people to account, how and when are people responsible, and how can they be held responsible?
For CP at Visions in the Nunnery, when the enthusiasm and committment drained from the co-ordinator, the working group collapsed.
We let people down, and it feels bad
Can we say that group responsibility should override self interest/
We realise that people can be held to account through money (if we pay them we expect the job to be done), but not through generosity or self-nomination.
what can we learn through this? Perhaps there is a need to outline considerations for co-ordination and being in a working group.

Action: Neil to start a page on critical reflection and failure.

Item 4: Annual picnic

To discuss: where and when

See item 2

Item 5: Any Other Business (AOB)

To discuss: Funding for the Ecoes presentation

Ecoes are making a presentation in Falmouth, and they want to make a travel funding application to support the project. will start appropriate wiki page

here is the 21st_May_agenda
And, you'll be pleased to know that Manchester United beat Chelsea on penalties in the Champions League final

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