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DATE Tuesday 27th March 2009 TIME 2pm LOCATION Royal Festival Hall.

Present: Cinzia, Ewelina, Ken, Kuba, Marsha, Michaela, Neil

Chair : Neil
Minutes : Michaela

To discuss: Shift from 'public space' to 'public domain'.
Marsha called for clarification about the change in terminology.
Responses -
‘Public space’ gives the impression that the project is about architecture/physical space. A term indicating a wider remit is needed – something that also references public goods, knowledge etc. ‘Public realm’ was suggested.
Others thought it best not to give a pre-defined definition. The project itself should explore the notion. ‘Public space’ is overused, ‘public domain’ has too much of a direct reference to copyright issues.
‘Market’, 'publicness' and ‘Being in public’ were also suggested.
Action: Marsha to start a page on the Wiki to discuss Public What?.

Item 2; Embodied Public Domain
Cinzia and Marsha reported back on their Embodied Public Domain proposal.
This is an AHRC initiative researching non-verbal public space – how people get together without words.
They propose to work with others – an expert in visual culture and artists from Poland (Johanna, Magda). Geoff Beattie from Manchester University and psychologist on Big Brother.
The main question for the research will be ‘What conditions make non-verbal communication possible?’.

Item 3: Trip to Poland
Kuba - There is funding for 5 people to visit Poland from the UK for 4/5 days.
There was general agreement that we shouldn’t over-programme the visit and that there should be a balance between meetings and more ‘social’ activities. There should be time factored in for us to synthesise information. The provisional itinerary: 10 May departure, 11/12/13 May Warsaw, 14, 15 Poznan for the conference ‘Art in the Cities, Cities in Art’, and we leave from Poznan for the UK. The conference is in Polish, but there will be parallel meetings in English. Cinzia suggested we begin a rough schedule on the Wiki

Action: Cinzia, Ken, Marsha, Michaela and Neil to send their details to Kuba (Kuba to email requirements)(done)

Item 4; Other Reports
Neil on Architectural Association:
Neil met Brett Steele who responded very positively. It was suggested that some staff from AA might be involved in aspects of the project or that AA might develop a unit with the project being part of a taught course. AA has experience of making vast structures. They are also prepared to fundraise for the project

Neil on Architectural Foundation:
Neil met Sarah Ikochi. AF is a commissioning agency. The project coincides with some of their activity planned for June. An architecture competition was proposed – CP isn’t sure that we agree with the competition ethos. It was noted however that unemployment is on the increase amongst architects so there might be a very high response to a call-out. Can we reconfigure the idea of a competition to make it fit better with CP principles? AF have experience of drafting call-outs guidelines for competitions.

Kuba met up with ‘The People Speak’ and spoke about their ‘Who wants to be?’ project – a game show format where people contribute £10 and decide together how it should be spent. They are currently experimenting with new formats. They are interested in involving non- artscene audiences.

Ken might develop a unit for his students. We spoke of the 'mesquito' structure which combines different vernaculars.

Kuba asked about timescales, project milestones – these would be needed for future application processes.

Ken - Ove Arup – they have a very tight remit and our project can't be adapted to fit. Peter Klein will forward the proposal within Arup.

Cinzia is in contact with Andreas from Anarchitektur. We now have previous issues in English of An Architekture magazine. They have expertise in temporary structures and would be interested in designing and running a workshop, where space and content are matched. They are interested in working with materials found in the area and then returning them at the end of the project.

Action: Michaela to ask about materials from Tate stores

Neil & Kuba RSA Visit (Michaela Crimmin and Emma Ridgeway)
'Arts and Ecology'
They are very interested in being involved. They are interested in 'social ecologies'. The term 'sustainability' was first coined at the RSA.

Item 5: Funding from IAM
The budget and detailed project description are due in September. Budget total: approx £15,000 IAM can only support up to 30% of the budget and probably will not accept funding 'in kind'. Cinzia is in the process of setting up the CP bank account.

Item 6: Other funding news
Westminster Council Grant – the next funding deadline is in July.

Ken – chelsea students are involved in a British Land project at Broadgate. there is a meeting on April 24th – he will raise the Parade project at this next public meeting.

Michaela – Feedback on Nokia – no reply as yet.

Neil – Feedback on Google – no response but will go in person and speak with receptionist.

We have a couple of good Arts Council conatacts who were involved in Open Congress

Kuba – suggests that we first secure public funding then sell off plots in 'blind auction'

Neil mentioned that there is a marketing 'guru' at the Serpentine who could advise on how to structure blind auction but she is difficult to contact.

Chelsea: David Garcia is aware of project – he has responded to Neil's email. The project is booked on the system for 2 weeks in May 2010. Cinzia suggested that after Easter we request an official letter of support from David Garcia. Alan Graham is responsible for technical installation at Chelsea.

Action: Marsha to contact Bob Rankin to confirm dates for event- According to Rankin: May 17th-30th 2010, though it's still classified as "in discussion"

Kuba – mentioned the European Culture Foundation - www.eurocult.org. There is a September deadline for collaborative art projects.

Item 7: Any Other Business (AOB) Kuba suggested a barcamp in June RSA has an event in June and the events could be combined. Barcamp would thrash out terrain rather than specifically address Parade. Marsha suggested that it could it be formulated around a question – i.e. – What is the public realm? We liked the idea of researching the public domain in the public domain - 'Public Camp'. Kuba will book another trip to London in June. We thought about Kennington Park as a possible site because of its links with Chartism.

Marsha -Discussion about transparency A considerable portion of the budget was spent on Cinzia's role without there being much discussion on the Wiki. Can processes be slowed down for such major decisions? It it's above a certain amount in question, can we have more notification? There was a discussion of rough consensus, but specifically of the need to constantly attend to processes.

Next meeting – Polish lesson on 15th April 2pm at Ewelina's flat. Thanks Ewelina!

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