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This invitation came from Joshua Y'Barbo and Mo Throp, both of Chelsea. It was emailed to Marsha on 15th January.

A proposal has been made to the Graduate School Event fund that would include a salon event. Mo is working w. Dir: Huw Wahl on his film next film about Action Space. Details below.

About the project: This film and installation project explores the history and contemporary relevance of ‘Action Space’ (AS). Founding members of AS will build a new air-structure at P3 gallery which will tour to different venues in the UK as part of the making of an artists’ film, the resulting film will tour internationally, opening up questions about art as a democratic tool, educational medium and instigator of social change. It is proposed that Chelsea be one of the venues where the inflatable tours during the making of the film. The day event inside the inflatable will house events relating specifically to art, education and social engagement; exploring arts political potential and will include an Interactive performance, participatory workshops and links between fine artpractice and academic artistic research.

The funding application is for hosting an event around the installation of one of Action Space's inflatables in the parade ground in Sept/ Oct. Mo has asked me to help with the student facing elements which will include elements of the salons as well as suggested reading groups, discussions, presentations,etc.. Mo has suggested including you and Critical Practice, in our proposal as a practice based element to be included in the event mentioned above.

The event will be filmed and included in Huw's final film so the project will continue on after the one day event. Huw's previous work includes a film about Herbert Read that was launched at the ICA this time last year.

If it's something that you'd be interested in and/or have time for in the autumn, please let us know.

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