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We are trying to be sensitive to issues of governance

Governance emerges whenever there is a deliberate organization of interactions between people. Therefore we are striving to be an 'open' organization, and to make all decisions, processes and production, accessable and public.

We will post all agendas, minutes, points of action, budgets and decision making processes on line for public scrutiny; as advised by open organizations

We aim to be a flexible, social network of individuals and/or organizations. This indicates the ways in which we are connected through various social familiarities ranging from professional and academic relationships to friends, colleagues and casual acquaintances.

We recognise cultural production as a fundamentally social and collective endeavour, beyond the particulars of ego and property - to operate on these particulars is to exercise a restriction upon creativity.

We aim to work closely with our collaborators, sharing and discussing ideas and projects. Critical Practice considers all staff, students, as well as those not affiliated with Chelsea as participants and potential participants.

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