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We are currently exploring transparent and accessible tracking of our income and expenditures.
Budget Coordinator: Cinzia Cremona - (contact by email)

Annual Budgets

Budget 2013

2011 budget

Budget 09_10

Budget 08_09

Budget 07_08

Here is our archived Budget 06_07

Templates for Budget Tables

Requesting Money

In the spirit of transparency, requests for money greater than 200.00 GBP should be either listed as an agenda item five days in advance of the meeting at which they'll be requested or circulated by the list serve three days before the meeting. In this way, all CPers will have an opportunity to comment on how the cluster's budget is spent--even if they're unable to attend meetings.

Maintaining Budgets


Please note, there are two key responsibilities:

  1. Making a claim
  2. Posting details on the wiki – for transparency and accountability

Project Coordinators

  1. Ensure working groups maintain the budget table
  2. Set a deadline for claims
  3. See that claims are made

Ensure a budget table is maintained

In keeping with the Aims projects are expected to show their income and expenditure.
A template table can be found here. This should show budget allocations, fees, payments and expenses.

Please post details of funding or fee you have been allocated to the table and subtract costs as they are incurred.
It’s quite simple to do – use the line above your entry as a guide once you have the page in ‘edit’ function – obviously, changing details as necessary.

Please ensure a running total is maintained.

Set a deadline for claims

Projects are effectively Objectives. They are encouraged to be time-bound.
Project Coordinators are asked to set deadlines for claims in an effort to close the book on projects.


Claims for expenses, payments, etc should be agreed in advance at general and working group meetings. There should be evidence of an agreement. Submitting a claim is not the same maintaining an online record.
Use the right method:
FEES and PAYMENTS – To claim an individual fee submit an INVOICE. A National Insurance number is required. Payments to companies can be made directly – contact the Research Office.

EXPENSES – To claim a reimbursement from allocated funds use the EXPENSE FORM – circulated by e-mail (contact your project Coordinator or the mailing list). Receipts are essential. The expense form must be physically signed by the person claiming and forwarded to the Research Office with relevant receipts. Someone there then counter-signs it and it enters 'the system'.

INCOME – A direct payment to Critical Practice can be made in Pounds Sterling or Euros. Contact the Research Office or the Budget Coordinator. Cheques should be made payable to: 'Critical Practice Chelsea' and sent to Critical Practice Budget Coordinator, c/o Research Office, Chelsea College 16 John Islip Street, London SW1P 4RJ.

If you are unsure contact the Budget Coordinator or contact the Research Finance Assistant at Chelsea.

Once payment is received, please update the ‘N’ to ‘Y’ in the relevant column of the relevant project budget.


Budget Coordinator – Cinzia Cremona (contact by email)
Chelsea Research Finance - Becky Green, Chelsea College 16 John Islip Street, London SW1P 4RJ.

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