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See Housekeeping and Self Organisation for more information about working practices.

Following Workshop 2 Critical Practice formed some guidelines for communication, to allow for a more accessible and effective dialogue in and around Critical Practice.


Wiki page names should be clear, short and informative:

Name Wiki pages according to an agreed format (posted on relevant wiki pages or all on the page) to make grouping and archiving of pages easier - eg:

  • Agenda - 10th October 2006
  • Meeting - 10th October 2006

keep page titles short and descriptive: this makes linking (see above) and remembering them easier


  • So link!
  • In any text or page produced, link forward and/or backward to any other page or text [the new page or text] refers to. Try to remember the reader, how are they to follow your thoughts and observations...


  • Aim for clarity in all posts

mailing list/proposals/comments/forum posts - making a post clear and concise saves a lot of time for the people reading it.

  • For longer documents (in particular minutes/proposals) include a summary and/or outcomes at the head of the document.

Mailing list 'subject headers'

  • should be clear and informative.

Replies to subjects should retain the same subject header and new topics should be posted with new subject headers. This makes the mailing list archive easier to understand and follow.

To Housekeeping, Self Organisation and Workshop 2