Disclosures 25 02 08

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Disclosures meeting 02/25/08

Present Marsha, Mary Anne, Cinzia, Trevor
Neil gives an overview of disclosures, and takes notes

There are no Open organization guidelines on budget management.

We discuss whether we should draft guidelines for Open Organizational budget management? Should we use critical practice as a case study?

It is not our intention to instrumentalise the Camp, but would welcome input. How best to describe the Camp's objective vs CP's objective?

We discuss the differences in power and its articulation within critical practice, and wonder about trying to map the lines of force. We could use Critical Practice as a general abstraction, and a particular case study.

an ANT like mapping of the lines of force. Implicit in the 'open' management of resources

We discuss three phases;

1. Preparation
2. Camp
3. A set of draft Guidelines

We have our fee £237, and what to do with it?
Could it be a distraction, or a useful tool?
Is it a good tool to use to explore some of the ideas?

We could energise CP's engagement through a pre-camp discussion.

Aggregator Training? We discuss 'aggregating' the process/activity of the Camp (BarCampers usually do all sorts web 2.0-type blogging, posting of images, sharing bookmarks, RSS feeds, etc) – we may need an introduction to this if we wish to aggregate in the traditional way.

We are invited to talk about 'after OpenCongress', which suggests talk about Critical Practice

Unanswered questions:
Where is it?
How long will the Camp last?
How many people can it accommodate?

frame the ResourceCamp invitation on the wiki: done
start to alert possible participants
start the list and format for ResourceCamp sign up:done

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