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DATE July 18, 2012
LOCATION Royal Festival Hall (?) at 6:30 (?)

Appoint chair

Appoint Minute Taker

Item 1: Review and check Actions from previous minutes

To discuss: Check actions from previous minutes

Item 2: Where are we with the "The Brokers: People, Spaces and Values"

To discuss: We have two Brokers confirmed for the 8th September, do we go with these or still try and find another Broker? What about developing the Themes for Brokers?

Item 3: Where are we with the Graz, The Exchange - The Truth is Concrete?

To discuss: Update from Working Group coordinator

Item 4: Report about Industrial-Dortmund

To discuss: Metod to feedback and coordinate Industrial-Dortmund

Item 5: Any Other Business (AOB)

To discuss: AOB

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