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Tuesday 15th March 2011, 1st Hunt Trial in London

I thought that the 1st Hunt trial in London was really successful. After we each proposed a theme, we decided to go with Neil's idea of searching for and photographing the letters that make up C R I T I C A L P R A C T I C E. All the documentation of the event was photographic. We did it individually and the trial lasted an hour.

Good points

- Great documentation that we can archive and use in the future

- Lots of fun

- Gave room for critical evaluation of each object. Did it look good? Was one letter more suitable to make a great image than another one?

- Format is accessible to most people. Only need a camera.

- No collection point for objects is needed

- Format could work in any country

Bad points (or rather, points to note)

- I think that an hour was long enough for this theme. A longer hunt would need a longer and more varied list of items

- A longer event would be better in groups. I think it would be more fun to work together

Comparing pros and cons of conducting a pre-Madrid Hunt in London or at The Latitude Festival


Good points

- Lots of scope for items to collect

- An expansive area for the Hunt to take place

- Easily accessible for the participants and for us

- Lots of transport options

- We could find a space/location that would allow us to create an installation or exhibition of the objects/results (similar to the Matadero)

- Lots of different groups of people would have the opportunity to participate

- We can be flexible with time and date

- The format of a Hunt in London would be more similar to the format required for a Hunt in Madrid than a Hunt at The Latitude Festival. It would give us a better idea of what we would need in Madrid

Points to note

- We would need to find a base for the items to be dropped off

- How would we dispose of items afterwards (assuming that we chose to work with items as well as photographic documentation)

- Who would we approach to take part? How will we find participants?

- Maybe using the whole of London is too big an area and would make it hard to focus the Hunt


Good points

- It's an 'arty' environment with a huge audience of people potentially up for participating or engaging with the project

- We would have a base where we could receive items and/or images

- We could make an installation that could last for the duration of the festival

- Most people would have mobile phones and/or digital cameras and could participate without any special equipment

- The limited area and resources of the festival could help us to focus the item list

- We could work within the theme of the festival

- It could potentially be good exposure for CP and the project if we can promote via the festival literature and also press would attend the event

Points to note

- How do we know how many people will take part? How would we contact potential participants?

- The item list might be restricted due to the limitations of what would be available for participants to find in the festival grounds (this could also be a plus point)

- There would be lots of distractions, bands, gigs, other art events. How would we keep the interest of the participants? What would be the incentive to take part?

- The date is fixed

- How limited would be the variety of potential participants? Does a 'certain type of person' go to a festival?

Thoughts to consider for the next trial either in London or at The Latitude Festival and for Madrid

- The list of items needs to be focussed and well thought out

- How big are the teams?

- How many teams?

- Incentive for participants?

- What will we do with the items and/or documentation

- There needs to be scope for critical thought and not just a collection of any old thing. We could challenge the participants to get creative and earn extra points. (Remember the points accumulation chart that we started to formulate at the first Hunt meeting)

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