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Festival of Europe - Market of (economic) Ideas 02/18/08

Present: Trevor, Mary Anne, Cinzia, Neil, Rob (new) – interested in Freeganism and skipping, Tom, Mike (new) – found BTFM, Frederico. Joe and Marsha arrive later.

we introduce one another; twice.
Chair: is Trevor
Minutes (partial) Neil

Trevor introduces the purpose of the meeting. We try and explain what we are trying to do with the Market of Ideas - its an instance of practice and not a description of it.

We sort of agree on the structure - Market, but wonder how the conceit will actually work.
Could we have sovereign states, instead of market stalls?
Economics is the order of things.

The market: we struggle to find the right vehicles, barter?
Cinzia has an idea for using advertising and emotional economies.
We discuss a possible currency. What could the currency be?

Trevor suggests, NEF are interested.
The investment of time, and the transaction of interests.
There should be an implicit critique – maybe there should be a black market -Tom. We could trade unanswered questions as a currency?

Should there be a summing-up or round table?
We seem to think that this should not happen, (no one ever has an overview of a market) and we decide to let the market dissolve or enable people take from the market what they need.

What are potential stalls

1.Ben Seymour might help Tom with the black markets and a counterfeits.

Lots of people, comfortable seating and a critique of the market itself.

2.Trevor is interested in Well Being, 'O' growth, and the Basic income

ActionTrevor to contact (friendly economist) Mary to see if she would like to assist.

3. Frederico and inter-generational conflict

4. or, deteritorialized corporations and nomadic capital
5. Joe and the gift economy. Potlach.
6. Mike: money and food markets and supermakets – its a performative space, might have a stall with a produce producing friend.
7. Marsha – The Gift, drop-lifting, and the bespoke and baking and the cakewalk.
8. Mike will collaborate, especially on the gift like things.
9. Neil will contact [David Graeber] and convene, like, a Value stall
10. Cinzia, favourite advert, and the emotion associated with it. disassociate the object from the emotion? NEF like.
11.Mary Anne: currency green barter. Exchanging.
12. a friend of Tom Permaculture, permacouture

13. Fashion [TED]

ACTION: Mary Anne to contact(?)

Frederico, food at each stall, and long central tables for shared food. Consumers as the producers.</blockquote>

We then discuss these items:
Who could we pay and why. We have three main ideas

  1. 200 english pounds for each stall, in exchange for al resources produced to be 'open content' licensed.
  2. request based for money, on need – it would have to be transparent
  3. a 'basic income' for each person participating in the market, to spend on what ever 'stalls' they want?

We agree to pay £200 for each stall as a resource to use. A flat fee - maximum 20 stalls.

Protocols and guidance
Speakers might just speak. is that OK? Yes, if its boring its their fault......... The 'market' will, we imagine, encourage engagement

Do we need some flyers?
Do we need stickers?
Action:Trevor agrees to design a FoE flyer. Text on Tuesday 19th Mary Anne, Cinzia, and Neil to help gather the text/images

How will it look and equipment?
Tables and chairs – its up to each stall to do their own display and presentation. a vibrant , distributive flea-market of ideas - that's the idea. we have chairs, - what about tables?

FoE will have documentation.
Marsha would like interviews done on-the-spot, with the milling crowd. Better than the round-table wrap up. Media as implicated the market place

Meeting ends 20.33

next meeting: Monday 25th, 10am at the Royal Festival Hall, to firm up the market stalls.

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