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Notes and action points FoE 02/25/08
Trevor, Cinzia, Neil, Marsha, Mary Anne, Rob, Tom

We began by reporting back on where we are with the stalls

has trouble contacting NEF with a view to Basic Income and Well-being and Zero growth. His three stalls. Trevor spoke about re-purposing some of NEF's tools to measure individuals well-being; maybe he will develop a (questionnaire) plug-in.

the Basic Income
Portugal(?) and contact our friendly economist Mary

emotional well-being, happiness. Nick Bayliss is an expert on happiness and positive psychology. There are questionnaire's which Cinzia will try and repurpose.

David Graber is interested and will work with Neil to animate Debt, and forms of debt.Also
Alex Wilkie, and a team of researchers from Goldsmiths are keen to run a stall, using poker to explore risk

Trace of the market and the idea of memes – maybe video recordings. Droplifting is still viable but the cakewalk and bespoke have gone. a reflexive record, or a record that intervenes. And an exchange cafe structure. A mode of interaction and exchange.

Mary Anne
Mary Anne has written a paper trying to grapple with the whole market. Measure what is being transacted (?) is sort of meme like way. Trade Free? There will be an attempt to model an exchange a meme for something.

Thievery. installing agents. stealing ideas, expropriating value, unregulated innovation. Difficulty engaging 'the crowd' in this idea - perhaps some signs: Thieves operate in this area.

Fast Fashion – Catlin, altered clothing Copyright easter egg for fashion and maps And
Henry Procter A2 posters of **** Bhutto. 10,000 posters limited use, contract with Getty Images. If people take them the contract will be broken. A gift thats poisened........

so current markets are

  1. 0% Growth
  2. Black Markets
  3. Money, food markets and supermarkets – a performative space with produce
  4. Drop-lifting
  5. Debt - with David Graeber
  6. Economic Anthropology
  7. Economy of emotions
  8. Trade-free
  9. Permaculture, permacouture ([TED])
  10. Basic Income
  11. Well-being
  12. Risk- Alex Wilkie and Researchers from Goldsmiths
  13. Memes
  14. Thievery
  15. A Barber
  16. Community
  17. ++++
  18. ++++
  19. ++++
  20. ++++

we had a lively discussion about a barber, someone from EarthArk (our planet as economy) and a travel agent selling trips.

So lively I forgot to take notes.

more soon

Part 2 (evening)

Present: Trevor, Mike, Federico, Joey

Gift or Potlach is off Inter-generational conflict or trans-national economies is off

Joey, Federico and Francesca (a friend of Federico) are interested in a stall engaging with three different forms/modes of community - Par Kour, APG and something else - maybe using video off the net and sitting around a coffee table. They talked about free-runners doing their thing outside somewhere. Noted problem of engaging 'the crowd'. They were interested in using the data projector to announce/preview their subject matter, else they'll use laptops. Also interested in the terms of inclusion and exclusion but hadn't formed into an idea yet.
ACTION: Trevor to find out what tea and coffee arrangements are. To confer with Marsha
ACTION: Trevor to confirm WiFi. Multiple User to be confirmed. Reliability needs testing - any volunteers?
ACTION: Federico et al to consider a back up plan e.g. pull video off the net in advance

Mike talked about him and his friend representing different roles in food production (artisan and supermarket) side-by-side. Mike is concerned about 'playing' the position of supermarket as his friend actually is an artisan producer but they are both interested in discussing consumer choice and power. Productive relation to Actor Network Theory is recognised. He may approach a supermarket, or change the idea. Mike was interested in audio canvassing. He may bring a mini PA.
ACTION: Trevor to find out about Food and Hygiene requirements. Don't worry about it
ACTION: Trevor to check on access to plugs in the hall. Plenty. maybe bring extension/multi-plugs

Other ideas for stalls:

Charity Advisor - Mike knows someone who advises (rich) people on how to donate to charity. Outline to be posted.

Cooperative Housing - Mike knows someone. Would it be interesting? Outline to be posted.

The Camorra (Napolitano organised crime) - Federico knows someone writing a PhD. Outline to be posted.

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