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Current Budget 17-02-09: Parade (see below) £3000
Person Need Amount date claimed paid?
Kuba Szreder Travel Warsaw - London £150 10.03.2009 N Cinzia Cremona staggered coordination £2000  ?? part £1000 claimed
Ewelina May 2009 research trip to Poland £124.99  ?? N comment
Kuba date of claim flight to london (PubliCamp) £120  ?? Y/N comment
Name details £X date Y/N
Total of requests: £2394.99
Total remainder: £606.01 Open

N.B. £3000 is the total budget (we think) for CP up to 06/09. There are other expense. See the Budget 08 09 table.


coming questions

  • What materials do we need?
  • How much will it cost?
  • Whom do we want to pay?
  • For what?
  • How much - or, according to what criteria?
  • We need to start working on a draft budget for IAM.


We want to engage with the economies that surround us and the issues connected with funding a cultural project.
We want to try and use privately accumulated funding to enhance the 'public good'.
We want to adopt different strategies to engage with partners, instead of sponsors or funders
Here are some possibilities:



As the population of the earth continues to grow, and the expectation and implications of the way we live changes, there is an ever‑increasing need and recognition of the value of designing the urban places of habitation. Arup is uniquely placed to lead the way in delivering the urban places of the 21st century.
We want to be known as a responsible business that is making a difference to some of the global challenges society faces. We want to be known as an innovative business that is developing solutions that benefit society while supporting long-term growth, creating competitive advantage and building successful relationships with our stakeholders.
We have mentioned them a few times....
As a market leader with global operations, we accept the responsibility that comes with our position. Nokia is committed to enhancing the quality of life around the world, in particular the communities in which we operate. Nokia supports communities through partnerships, sponsored programs and corporate giving.
In rich countries we take it for granted that when we turn the tap clean water comes out, when our children go to school there will be a teacher present, and when we have health problems the medical provider will be attentive. Quality public services – clean water, health, and education – are vital for human welfare and a strong economy.

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