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Minutes from the previous meeting can be found here

Thursday 9th July, Critical Practice Lounge, Chelsea College of Arts
PRESENT AT THE MEETING: Marsha, Sussu, Neil, Metod, Claire and Kuba
--- This was an informal meeting, and we chatted widely about the Market of Evaluation/Values and how to resource it.
We have three partners we are exploring relationships with. The ICA, Public Works and CCW. Negotiations with these partners might determine the location of the market, and resource implications.

  • We discussed that this year, the CCW Staff Fund will be augmented by funds from Cape Farewell, specifically to support 'climate change' or 'sustainable' research projects. We might fit this thread.
  • If we can finese our project proposal by September, we can start talking to other organisations, regarding participation and support.
  • There are multiple funding schemes within CCW and the University, we might be able to accesss and aggregate several of these.
  • We discus developing our limit Edition Utopoly, and decide yes we do, but not to confuse this with funding the Market of Values, although it could be a stall, and chance to vend.
  • Do we want to change the name to Market of Values? Maybe.


  • Marsha and Kuba to try and meet with Andreas of Public Works in July, and gauge possibilities. - see meeting minutes here
  • Metod to investigate 'kickstarter'and develop a range of 'merchandise and services to aid fundraising.
  • Marsha to check to see when the degree show is on - as a suggestion for the Market is June 5/6 2014

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