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This is a project initiated and coordinated by Manuela Zechner.
working group consists of Mary Anne Francis, Neil Cummings, Ian Drysdale, Cinzia Cremona, Anja Kanngieser and also Tim Flitcroft.

The project can now be found at Future Archive

...please refer to the Future Archive website for a timetable of events, list of research projects, resources, and forum.

the future archive: a topology towards futurity

The future archive is a project that issues a series of responses to the problem of how to perform divergent futures. It engages interview/conversations that are set in possible times and spaces to come, in which two or more people performatively inhabit as proposed versions of futurity.

From there, contemporary society is remembered.

In every conversation, a different future is negotiated via a discursive method that borrows from techniques of interview as well as dialogue and free speculation.

much of the development is archived on our old wiki here

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