Joanna Warsza Life-art projects in the ex-Communist National Stadium in Warsaw with some footnotes from a research in Georgia and Armenia

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'Stadium X' - Joanna Warsza

Open Lecture

Date: Wednesday 02 December 2009, 17:15 to 19:00 Location: Lecture Theatre Chelsea College of Arts and Design, 16 John Islip Street, SW1P 4JU

Joanna Warsza will discuss her curated series of live art projects The Finissage of Stadium X and the related reader Stadium X — A Place That Never Was. Both projects were inspired by the heterotopic logic of Warsaw’s 10th-Anniversary Stadium, and its long-standing (non-) presence in the middle of the city. Built in 1955 from the rubble of a war-devastated capital, in the early 1990s the stadium fell into ruin, being ‘revived’ by Vietnamese and Russian traders. Since then the Stadium and the open-air market surrounding it have become an Asian town, a primeval garden, a realm of discount shopping, a storehouse of biographies and urban legends, a spontaneous piece of Land-Art, or a work camp for archaeologists and botanists.

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Joanna presenting
Joanna presenting
Magda, Ewelina and Joanna
Magda, Marsha, Ewelina, Joanna and Michaela