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Latitude Festival – 1st Meeting Notes

  • Charlotte and Metod meet outside Covent Garden Tube Stn at 4.30pm Friday 8. 4. 2011.
  • We convene on a bench in a busy Convent Garden square and talk over the pitch to Latitude Festival. We talk over the particularities such as budget (outlining approximately £2200 for the execution of the Huntorama project with costs for travel, per diem, fees, production etc.) We establish key questions to ask:

Is there a production budget available? What channels of communication can we use to reach the audience prior to the hunt? What areas/equipment would we be able to access at Latitude? What accommodation would be available for us? What is the nature of the digital infrastructure - available sources of power etc? Can we seek our own sponsorship?

  • We divide sections of the pitch and feel confident about it (!?!).
  • We meet with Ellen Sims (Charlotte's colleague) outside Festival Republic across from Royal Opera House at 4.50pm. 10 min later we meet with Tania (a woman whose brain is in constant overdrive at 150%. A high energy person that is, at times, hard to follow!!). Tania organizes Latitude festival and many other festivals throughout the year including the Big Chill Festival.
  • Tania starts with "vocal brainstorming" re student's involvement at the Latitude festival and discusses particularities with Ellen in depth. This does not concern CP!
  • Tania continues to jump from one topic to another, while she introduces the Latitude festival through less-than-quality pictures in a picture folder. Despite the erratic nature of the introduction, we get a good glimpse of what the festival offers with Tania's incredibly vivid explanation of each of the stages that she is proud to be offering to a public year after year. There are 15 areas/stages at the festival, all with their own theme.
  • She talks about different stages and their particularities, and emphasizes the "Faraway Forest" where she sees our project taking place. The "forest" is approximately 120m in diameter. The theme of the "Faraway Forest" this year is "Winter's Ball". There will be a call to UAL students to propose projects/installations/artworks that respond to this theme. We all (mainly Tania!) reel off winter/xmas related ideas about what might happen at the Winter's Ball. The list includes: Christmas dinner, midnight mass, New Year's countdown, Cinderella, Snow Queen, Heaven and Hell, Dantes inferno, Carol Singing, Studio 54 Xmas Party (staged by Duckie), Den and Angie (Eastenders), being bored by relatives, Santa's Grotto, gingerbread house, alpine lodge, mince pie baking contest, Indiana Jones...and more.
  • Metod introduces Critical Practice, outlines CP's conception of the Hunt, and explains what is being worked on re Madrid. He briefly outlines the proposed project – Huntorama – to Tania and Ellen.
  • Charlotte goes into details of what we envisage for Latitude, although we both silently realize that our super budget won't fly, and don't even talk about it. (Though when Metod asks about design and promotion of our Huntorama Tania sees no problem in providing funds to print leaflets and final list of desired items.)
  • Tania immediately sees the potential in our project as a catalyst to bond various events happening at the festival. However, she tells us that Battersea Arts Centre (BAC) are staging a large scale project across the entire festival, called the 'BAC Lovliness Project', which also uses a hunt format. (This is yet to be researched!!). There is also an existing Art Trail that runs elsewhere in the festival. Tania suggests that despite the overlap in projects, she would like to work with us, and suggests that Huntorama could work if it was contained to the Faraway Forest, and themed according to the Winter's Ball. She also suggests using our project at The Big Chill Festival as well as Latitude, since they have no creative events to offer their audience. This is yet to be confirmed, but sounds super exciting!!
  • Although the "forest" seems an amazing place to be and hover, it is in a "thick" forest, Charlotte and Metod have some reservations about being localized to a small(ish) portion of the festival. Though is it true that the "forest" is very busy and active. (Ellen later identifies that maybe we may need to accommodate Tania's ideas in realising in our proposed project. Charlotte and Metod agree to an extent.)
  • Tania talks about schedules. She suggests we run Huntorama in conjunction with the Winter's Ball events which run on Saturday 16. July, between 10.30am and 1am. There is potential power available, depending on how flexible we are. Also there are two screens available to use in the Faraway Forests's theatre, but they would not be available for us to use until after the programme finishes at 1. We are yet to negotiate details.
  • We need to produce copy > call to action, which will be included on the online and printed programme. There is no way to access the audience prior to the event. We would have to let people arrive on the day, having seen the event advertised in the programme.
  • Copy deadline is mid May.
  • Promotion of our Huntorama is up to us to design. To print we either print leaflets ourselves and invoice Latitude (Tania) or send it over to Tania and they will print it for us. Metod asks for Latitude graphics for easier recognition that our Huntorama partakes at the festival officially.
  • Although we didn't get to ask all our prepared questions directly, they were mostly answered through the discussion. In summary:

Is there a production budget available? Latitude would only cover costs of printing the list. No other budget is available. Through the meeting, Tania emphasised that projects generally need to 'stand alone'.

  • What channels of communication can we use to reach the audience prior to the hunt? Having our event listed online and in the programme
  • What areas/equipment would we be able to access at Latitude? The Faraway Forest, with access to limited power supplies depending on what we want to do. Power cables either have to run up and over trees, or feed into various fixed power points in the forest. Tania has offered us a space in the Faraway forest which can act as a 'Hub' for Huntorama.
  • What accommodation would be available for us? We would have access to the artists campsite, but would need to provide our own tents.
  • What is nature of the digital infrastructure - available sources of power etc? See above
  • Can we seek our own sponsorship? We didn't specifically ask this
  • Meeting fractures at 6.15pm and by the time we are all verbally and focally exhausted.

Neil you were talking about the budget that needs spending. Maybe we should consider implementing some of Charlotte's and Metod's budget propositions, particularly re travel expenses, per diems and fees...

Charlotte please detail our conversation prior the meeting and add what I happen to miss out.

Maybe we could title our project: Huntorama: Wish-list for Santa, since the theme is Christmas (in the middle of the summer...)

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