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Traces of my churn leading up to #TransActing

4 June 2015

  • Upload contributions/suggestions to the Public works workshop 2nd June 2015 - include a link to the Enzo Mari files PDF Helen sent through
  • Distribute Alice Tatge's application - feedback due by 8th June

5 June 2015

  • Meeting with Sarah and Wendy to discuss PR strategies TransActing Press Preparation - this needs to be consolidated
  • Email Metod about poster with reference to Wendy's deadline

8 June 2015

  • Feedback on Alice Tatge's application due - email Alice about her application

13 June 2015

14 June 2015

15 June 2015

  • Meeting with Wendy and Sarah to discuss the press release
  • Ask Kuba to link up Differentiation Working Group and Cinzia's minutes
  • Archive previous press meeting * TransActing Press Strategies * TransActing Press Preparation *
  • Put Market on We Are Popup
  • Discuss/action on flat
  • Followup with Cape Farewell
  • Followup about listing - Gabriele and CP
  • Pay Kuba's fee
  • Further investigate the flat
  • Inviting people to #TransActing
  • Refresh Curatorial Market Pack
  • Follow up on the printing - where are we at? Designs, strapline, etc.

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