Meeting Agenda: 21 April 2015

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DATE Tuesday 21st April 2015
LOCATION Sofaville, Chelsea College of Arts, Millbank

Appoint chair

Appoint Minute Taker 1. Reportback on Skype meeting with Andreas Lang of public works (Kuba and Marsha):

2. How to organize the Market construction process? (Kuba)

a. Invention / Form
i. prototyping

ii. workshops with Andreas - proposed day: Saturday 23rd of May
b. Security
i. we need metal fences
ii. overnight security
c. Storage & materials
i. how do we want to source and store it?
ii. how to recycle the institution? degree shows and what is left over?
d. Rental
i. how many and what kind of already existing stalls will we source?
e. Logistics
i. how to bring materials / stalls to Chelsea - who? with what?
ii. bikes? cars?
f. Labour
i. do we have sufficient workforce on ourselves?
ii. what is the commitment of our people?
iii. how do we attract others to work with us? whom do we want to attract? (students, potential stallholders, etc.)
g. Permissions, H&S, Risk Assessment, Insurance (personal / public liability)
i. how to organize that?
h. Organisation of construction
i. electricity
ii. tools
iii. dates

3. Meeting with RHP people (Marsha to feedback):

a. Kelly Palmer from the Rootstein Hopkins Parade Ground would like to join one of our meetings to get a better sense of the market. This could be a good idea. What do we think? If it’s agreeable, when could we meet with her.

4. Budget

a. brief presentation of ACE budget
b. how do we want it to be distributed?

5. Meeting schedule - scheduling more generally:

a. Does it make sense to pre-schedule meetings for the next few months so that they’re in the diary?

6. Wrapping up existing aspects of the research season, etc. What is outstanding?

Item 1: TITLE



here are the Minutes 21/04/15

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