Meeting Minutes 11 Jan 2011

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DATE 11 Jan 2011
LOCATION El Ranchito - Flat in Madrid

Appoint chair: Scott

Appoint Minute Marsha

Item 1: Questions for Date

To discuss: How to facilitate the analogue wiki?

here are the

  • We agree we have two foci: We wish to help El Ranchito determine what they want?

What if... El Ranchito?

What do they want from that opening events?

What do they want from El Ranchito?

  • We'll moving into focusing on What El Ranchito wants - we'll break into smaller groups
  • Smaller groups to feed back on sticky notes - we'll review the content all together

What do they expect from the commissions/collaborations with others?

What are the perceived risks of the open events? What makes you apprehensive? What are the perceived challenges?

BREAK - Lunch

Come back - put the aspects into groups and identify themes

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