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DATE: Thursday 24. March 2011 / 6.30 to 8.30pm
LOCATION: Royal Festival Hall, Southbank Centre

Chair: Neil
Minute taker: Metod
Present: Neil, Metod, Sharon, Charlotte, Karem, Scott, Phil


To discuss: Do we have more information re Latitude? We should start thinking about the specifics of that Hunt.

Carlotte introduces the Latitude festival and talks about further specifics of the invitation. Latitude is a big music festival accompanied by many other events including art section. Festival happens in Suffolk between 14. and 17. July this year. Approximately 25.000 people attend the Festival every year.

CP has been invited through Charlotte to take part as the UAL representatives. Latitude festival has come up with a theme: Arts Eco-system. The proposal submission is some time in the end of May and early June. There seems to be not funding allocated for our work. This has been heavily debated considering that the festival selected and invited 5 artists who were commissioned to produce work and are running for £10.000 cash prize. CP does not fell under this category!?!

We came up with several questions for Charlotte to take back to the organizers of he festival:

  1. Is there a production fee allocated?
  2. Are we being reimbursed for travel expences (considering that we would need to go back and forth for field research)?
  3. Why support only for selected artist and not for "students and staff (UAL)"?
  4. VIP camping: what are the conditions of it?
  5. (Thinking about the Hunt at Latitude) How are we approaching participants? How do we let people know about the Hunt?
  6. Can we use their sponsors or can we use any other sponsors?
  7. (Already thinking of "digital camera" as a very successful medium) Can we use their infrastructure, i.e. projectors, screens, servers, computers, marketing, and other necessary tools of promotion?

Neil: should we start a proposal?

Sharon: Lets get questions answered first!

Metod: What is the incentive?! What is the prize that would attract people in taking part?

We have come up with several possibilities for the incentive:

  • A dinner with an artist/musician
  • A VIP pass for an evening for two
  • A bicycle
  • A couple of crated of beer + lolly-pops

Who is to judge the work by Hunt participants? People at the festival are to judge 10 best works (images) by noise.

Our main concern is that we would not be taken serious (by the organiser)!! This concern was present since there is not funding for our engagement. Charlotte to negotiate with the organisers.

Charlotte to lease with the organisers, but is concerned by her busy schedule.

We need to write a proposal!


To discuss: Experience for 1st Hunt in London. What have we got from it? towards the trial Hunt in London (or at Latitude). Comments on the "letters" image.

We all feel that the 1st trial Hunt in London opened something none of use expected. Not only it was extremely fun, it was also challenging, inspiring, we practiced, we were critically selecting once having a task but had not felt pressured (too much) by the time constraint (Metod: Because there was no winner!). And also we feel that the end result is simply outstanding and is offering great potentials for further Hunts.

We are debating whether we should use TIME as a mechanism or do we want the LIST to be central?

We should use the LIST for very particular items/things...

A mixture of scavenger Hunt and treasure Hunt (thinking of Latitude festival).

Sharon gave us her feedback on pros and cons re 1st tester Hunt in London.

Charlotte: Maybe we should map?

Scott: We can use images for promotion, marketing and advertisement.

Neil: These should be under Creative Commons license of some sort.

We talk about geo-tagging. We realize that geo-tagging may not work at a festival (space limitations), but could work very well in Madrid.


To discuss: We have to start synthesizing our proposal for the Madrid gig. When are we thinking our hunt to be staged? Are we having any plausible themes for the big gig...?

We all agree we need to start writing a proposal for Matadero, Madrid.

Metod: A paragraph of a clear and concise description of what the Hunt is and what benefits it may have in promotion of Matadero.

Sharon: Images of Madrid. Imaging as a format works very well.

Scott: We could create and archive...

Neil: Using geo-tagging to create a map... Objects are still very appealing for Matadero's Hunt!

Karem: Proposes to document what has been brought from the Hunt.

Neil: These are really curatorial projects. Asks where is the link between collecting and exhibiting? We need to find the connection.

Metod: Curatoril practice happens in two sections: first in creating a list of items, second in actual space with hunted items.

Scott: Project could keep evolving mapping...

Action: Draft a proposal!!

Neil to start a page on the wiki to start writing a proposal.
Sharon: What are the sections of the proposals?

Sections of the proposal (according to Metod):

  • A quick outline of Hunt's intention with initial time frames.
  • What is Scavenger Hunt?
  • How will this fit in Madrid? Who is being addressed and approached?
  • Talk about trial Hunts in London.
  • Technicalities: promotion, budget, infrastructure, time frames


To discuss: Perhaps we should be thinking staging another gig where we direct others in hunting for items. When and where do we want to do it? Do we want/need to to do it?

Metod: Would it be interesting to do a 2nd Hunt where we instruct others?

Sharon: Maybe it can be over a course of the week via email!?

We all agree that meeting in person before and after has something powerful.

We propose the 2nd Trial Hunt in London to happen in April:
Date: Tuesday 12. April 2011
Time: 6.30pm
Place: TBC
Theme/List: TBC on the day

We are all to draft a couple of friends to take part in the 2nd Trial Hunt in London.


There is no other business.

Meeting fractures at 8.30, some stay for a drink some rush off...

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