Minutes 6th September 2011

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DATE Tuesday 6th September 2011
LOCATION Royal Festival Hall, 6.30pm till 8.30pm

Chair: Metod
Minutes: Marsha
In attendance: Cinzia, Karem, Metod, Neil, Sharon, Charlotte, Scott

Welcome back, everyone! "Hellos" and "How was your summer?" were exchanged


  • We discussed the response from Berlin (they need more time to make a decision) and agree to sit tight until we hear the outcome.
  • Marsha discusses C.E.P. and expresses her and Kuba's general enthusiasm for the project
  • There's interest amongst CPers
  • There's concern it's a massive project but we like the idea of nodes - having a cooperative
  • There are concerns that it may fail - it's a typically E European thing to do - there are concerns about ethics - CP's reputation could potentially be damaged
  • If they accept the proposal - we can make demands but if they decline, we won't get access to the books - so the project needs a context - if not this context, then another - couldn't we do this in London?
  • There's a feeling that if the proposal is not successful, we need to rejig in light of a new context
  • Marsha observes this project may not be right for CP, in which case we should discuss doing it elsewhere - with other people - Neil observes that not everyone needs to work on every project - it can still be a CP project. We agree to talk about this in the future.

Item 2; WIKI

  • Sharon, Charlotte and Marsha discuss their production of wiki resources - Marsha' s "How-to videos" - they've rekindled interest in the wiki
  • Maybe there are other technologies we could use? Very few of us use it as a resource anymore
  • Questions around content - are we writing it for ourselves or for others?
  • Issues around transparency - If CP is still about transparency, this would be the right tool.
  • Why has resource sharing on the wiki stopped? Could we look at whether or not we want to reinstate that?
  • There's general enthusiasm to move forward with this wiki - but we don't feel like we have any purchase on our tool and the spam is getting worse and worse.
  • It's suggested that we bring in a wiki person who can help us learn - and Neil will secure the "root password" from Ian so we're not long quite so dependent on him
  • There's excitement about CP developing resources -- and about thinking transparency through access
  • Question: Are we making the most of the wiki? How can we use it better? Do we need/want to use it better or more efficiently?
  • Charlotte speaks about her vision of CP being understood/conceptualised broadly as a resource, which may or may not entail the production of discreet resources. The need for transparency and accessibility is underlined again in light of this.
  • We're all very excited about the idea of "how-to-ing" - and this prompts Charlotte to suggest that we might produce some kind of research for a project that's happening at the Five Year Gallery - Charlotte agrees to set up a page on the wiki - and now that she has Marsha's tutorials, she knows how to do that.


  • Scott wants to build a boat - preferably one that floats
  • offshore-resource container?
  • What about a skill exchange?
  • What about teaching? Do we really want to go off teaching kids to read and write? NO!!! At least not all of us.
  • We agree to revisit the various projects via short proposals. There's some discussion around this - We seem to do a lot of writing and thinking and planning but what about making stuff that's more material? This turns into a very interesting discussion about what it means to CP (verb)


  • There're mixed feelings about this meeting, likely because the last one was difficult. There's concern it may not be "productive" or worse yet, "counter productive".
  • We agree it should be action-oriented and will focus on the wiki
  • Focus on the wiki - W5 + How - and perhaps think of other tools
  • Integrating tools - notification tools - maybe a blog
  • Set for November 1, 2011 - 6:15 - Neil to book room at Chelsea and notify everyone

Item 5: After the Hunt (AOB)

  • We'll speak about the archiving and The Hunt in the next meeting - 4 October, 2011


  • Neil to connect with Ian and get root passwords; Karem to try and learn the wiki
  • Charlotte to set up "How-to working group" on the wiki and Charlotte and Sharon to coordinate
  • Charlot and Sharon to initiate proposal for Five Year Gallery
  • Marsha to post links to How-To videos
  • "Pitchers" should formulate short proposals that identify what they want to and how they want to do it. To be discussed at the October meeting
  • Neil to find out how much money is the in account

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