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DATE Tuesday 7th June 2011
LOCATION Royal Festival Hall

THOSE PRESENT: Scott, Metod, Karem, Charlotte, Phil, Sharon
APOLOGIES:Neil, Marsha, Kuba, Cinzia
MINUTES: Charlotte, Sharon


To discuss: Sharpening up the proposal. Proposal deadline

We didn't have a formal agenda as such. The most pressing business is to 'sharpen' the Huntorama proposal. A decision is due to be made mid-June so the proposal needs to be sent at the beginning of next week.

We decided that a major part of the proposal that needs fleshing out is the budget section. Phil, Charlotte and Sharon talked a little about how they have been looking at the budget for the 3rd Hunt trial. We decided to break the budget down into 3 sections:

Huntorama Planning and Preparation

The Hunt/Event itself

After the Hunt

We took each section in turn and discussed what we thought would be required to complete each stage. A detailed breakdown of the budget can be seen in the proposal

This took up most of the meeting but alongside the budget discussion a number of interesting ideas around the Hunt itself were discussed should the proposal be successful. They are worth noting here.

We discussed having 'Hunt Packs' for each team. These could contain a selection of items relating to completing the Hunt. Suggestions included a bottle of water (maybe we could get drinks sponsors), vouchers for food or drink from local outlets, a welcome note, the Hunt list, a map etc. Other items might be more specific to the theme of the Hunt and can be decided nearer the time once we have set the theme and the Hunt list.

Metod said that we could give the teams all the information on a Friday night for example and then they would have 24 hours to complete the Hunt and reconvene on the Saturday at 7pm. Karem suggested that it could be like Election Night where we log each team as they arrive, tot up their points and begin to document and 'curate' their items immediately. This would give an exciting energy to the event.

Charlotte asked if there were plans for a Private View? We decided that instead of using the term 'Private View' we could host an event that the teams would join as they complete the Hunt. Part of the list could involve them collecting items for a dinner or a party. Another possibility could be that the items could be used to create a structure that would provide a venue or staging for the party/dinner ie tables etc.

Karem suggested we could have stations dotted around the city during the event where teams could meet and rest, have some refreshments, check in etc. This was felt to be a good idea and could be a way of charting people's progress during the day. Would people be able to leave large items? We decided that this wouldn't be practical as then we would have to transport all the items back to Matadero. Also part of the Hunt is for the teams to negotiate those logistics for themselves.

The meeting ended at about 7.45pm but much was discussed in a short space of time!

Action: Charlotte to add the budget details to the proposal. Everyone to look at the proposal and contribute over the weekend so that it is ready to send on Monday.

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