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Open Budget

Explanation of the projects income/budget allowance £XXX. Since the invitation to participate is open, so is the budget. The deadline for claims will be XX/XX/XX.

Total Budget: £3007.06
Person Need Amount date claimed paid?
Machine Networks web hosting £161.99  ? YES
Marsha HEDGE expenses £416.00  ? YES
Metod Expenses 93.37  ? YES
Warwick Hawkins walk honorarium £150.00  ? YES
Jack Tan walk honorarium £150.00  ? YES
Owen Hatherley walk honorarium £150.00  ? YES
Jack Tan walk honorarium £150.00  ? YES
Total of requests: £X
Total remainder: £X Open/Closed

How to claim: State your need in the form above and...<describe method of contact - email to our mailing list, contact Coordinator, post to discussion page...> If you need the funds up front it may be possible for Critical Practice to pay for travel directly. See Budget page for details.

Annual budget table

Because Critical Practice receives funding from Chelsea College it tends to adhere to their financial timetable, which runs from 1st August to 31st July. To close the financial year they require all invoices and expenses to be submitted by 20th June. Costs incurred after the 20th June will be reliant upon Critical Practice's subsequent financial standing. Funding allocations are made on 1st August of each financial year.

EXPENDITURE: 21st June Year - 20th June Year+1
Who's Claiming Date of claim Description of claim Amount £ Paid Comments
Marsha 14 03 14 Kindle £ Y/N
Name date of claim description £ Y/N
Name date of claim description £ Y/N
Name date of claim description £ Y/N

INCOME: 21st June 2013 - 20th June 2014
Who's Paying Date of income Description of income Amount £ Amount € Paid roll-over
Graduate School Events (Not Knowing) 08/11/13 for facilitating discussion £200.00 YES
Graduate School Staff Fund - for Marsha TBC money provided to top up our screening season £300.00 unsure
Graduate School Events Funding Fall 2014 money for the Market £500.00 unsure
Name date description £ Y/N


1. 'Date claimed' - this should refer to the date on which you submitted your claim to the research office

2. It will really help us keep track of our cash flow if you can let us know when you have been paid by filling in the last box 'Paid' with 'Y' or 'N'.

3. The comments box can be used to explain e.g. why a payment might be overdue (for example, went missing in the post)

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As of 10_08_2013, CP has

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As of 08_10_13, CP has 1,585.70
As of 26_02_14, CP has 1,676.70

  • 100.00: Honorarium - Kuba - AIR event
  • 240.00: Honorarium - AIR
  • 100.00: Honorarium - Basia - African Cinema
  • 360.00: Venue hire - Basia Screening
  • 100.00: Honorarium - Metod
  • 080.00: Venue hire - Bread&Roses
  • 500.00: Total cost for Stephen Wright - 'Master Class' - transport, honorarium, venue/hospitality