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DATE 21st January 2009
LOCATION 5.30pm Research Office, E Block, Chelsea College of Art and Design.

Appoint chair No need

Appoint Minute Taker: Neil
Present: Michaela, Cinzia, Ken, Kuba, Marsha, and Neil.

Item 1: Kuba's news

To discuss: meeting with Aneta Prasal - Wisniewska from IAM, Aneta is the curator of the Polish Season, England 2009.
Kuba gives a review of the Parade project so far, the October meeting, and our desire to collapse the form of the conference into its content. Kuba and Neil met with Aneta earlier in the day at Chelsea, and there is a very positive feedback and engagement. We discussed some possibilities, specifically that study and research visits to Poland are encouraged.

We might need a place, to design the structures, a web portal of some kind - ftp client.
How can we develop resources. Should the project be more international - South American, Middle and Far East, etc
We discuss the difficulties of taking on too much.

Item 2; Other funding

To discuss: suggestions, and discussion about some of the strategies proposed in the previous meeting - private sponsorship of public goods

Constructions should be being made, and unmade over the period over the event.
Maybe it should be up for a week, perhaps a week of construction. Renting out a 'plot' to corporations, retail spaces, payment for toilets, etc.
Differing structures - Agora, bazzar, auditorium
Differing modes of engagement - lectures, bar-camps, workshops, hackmeets, seminar, informal clusters,
Taking private money and supporting a public - good seems a key idea.
Ken - some Japanese students will be here first week of May.

Chelsea has a fund for collaborative research CLIPcetl - Unilever.
Action: Marsha to investigate "collaboration" grant
Action: Cinzia to investigate Westminster City Council
Action Cinzia to investigate - and also some Italian connections.
Action Neil to follow-up.
Ove Arrups
Action Ken to pursue.
Mobile Phones, British Telecoms, and to look at the Arts Council Criteria.
Action Michaela.
Polish connections
Action Kuba to coordinate
Plan B.
We could pay someone to apply for public funding

Item 3; Whom would we like to involve?

To discuss: who, architects, designers, artists, politicians, organizations ... any ideas?

We decide to aggregate these people on line
Two modes of participants

1. People we are working on the physical structure - these people might need a long lead-time.

What, who and with what materials.

2.People who will contribute to the 'content'- workshops, seminars, etc.- less long lead-in

Ken also suggests three different structures

1. Central structure - the 'parliament'

2. a Grid or City structure

3. Things that then plug into the Grid or City structure

we discuss (animatedly) if this is a chicken or an egg situation, and issues such as rights of way, the museum and art school context spill into the discusion. Atmospheres like - cafes, bicycle repairs, speakers corner. We agree on a varied public-space.
lounge cafe's, Wireless headphones
Cinzia offered an interesting gloss on the project: It's about the relationships between physical structures and sociopolitical participants

Item 4: Funding

already discussed, we have to leave and adjourn to the pub. minutes go analogue.

Possible (research) trip to Poland - What are the objectives of this trip?

1.To understand public space in Poland
2.To meet people Kuba has suggested my be involved in the project

Item 5: Any Other Business (AOB)


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