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DATE 17th February 2009
LOCATION 5.30pm Research Office, E Block, Chelsea College of Art and Design.

Appoint chair We skipped this step

Appoint Minute Taker: Cinzia
Present: Cinzia, Neal, Marsha, and Neil.

Neil recapitulates the project so far.

We didn't have an agenda, so we looked at the actions form the previous meeting's minutes.

Marsha to investigate "collaboration" grant

Marsha has investigated! It is an AHRC opportunity for student initiated research training initiatives of £2000. It covers educational initiatives in the wider sense - conferences fit. Tey have a rolling deadline, give a reply within 4 month and expect the event to start 6 months from application.

Action: Marsha and Cinzia will follow this up and work on an application.

Cinzia to investigate Westminster City Council ... still working on this.

Cinzia to investigate some Italian connections ... Marco Lo Curzio, architect friend in Sicily, is investigating links and resources with a colleague working in a studio in London.

Action: We will report as soon as there are developments.

Neil to follow-up opportunities to collaborate with Google ... the did not reply to Neil's e-mail and letter.

Action Neil will follow up with a visit.

Ken to pursue Ove Arrups ... We are not sure.

Michaela to investigate Mobile Phones, British Telecoms, and to look at the Arts Council Criteria.

Michaela Is working on it, Nokia in particular.

Cinzia also investigated the Esmée Fairbairn Foundation. Not sure if we fit the criteria. Still attempting to share with Michaela, who has had some experience with the process.

Neil has some feedback from liaising with Chelsea College about using the Rootstein Hopkins Parade Ground. David Garcia and Linda Drew (curatorial team for the Parade Ground) have confirmed their generic support and advised to discuss with Alan Graham. Neil did this, and felt that Alan saw more problems than possibilities. We discuss health and safety issues. Neal has a lot of experience of this from working with N55 They produce a manual for every event they stage, so that others can also organise it. We need to build these considerations into the project as part of the forces that run through the public domain and shape it. Marsha suggests to enroll intermediaries who have worked well with 'the system' in the past ...

Neil has also written a letter to the Architectural Association School of Architecture and to the The Architecture Foundation. He will be meeting with the director of the latter, Sarah Ichioka, next month.

Neal also mentioned a yearly research grant of £8000 for artists who work with architects, but we still feel that we want to leave public funding as a fall back position if we don't manage enough support from 'private capital'.

We discuss the focus of the project. We appear to be shifting from 'public space' to 'public domain', where issues of knowledge and physical space intersect and overlap.

Neal talks about Anarchitektur. They produce publications and 'camps of oppositional architecture'. Neal met Sabine and Olivier in Utah, and they would be interested in collaborating, perhaps with a 'camp'. There are many echoes and correspondences between these camps and how we are thinking about Parade - pseudo-conferences in temporary structures that reflect on uses of public space with invited individuals/organizations.

Action Neal will get in touch with them and ask for copies of their magazine, in which they have collected precious resources from their practice.

Neal also talks about working with Muky Haklay at UCL.

Action Neal will explore possibilities of connections and collaborations. Neal will also make connections with Autonomous Geographies.

We feel we need to push on different fronts and see where we can 'succeed'. We discuss the practicalities of what we might build. We talk about a 'central' structure for more conventional conference-like activities, surrounded by a market-like set of structures for different kinds of exchanges. Neal warns about the power of seduction of architecture and of how aesthetics will dominate and inform the public space it produces. Also advises that if we describe our structures as 'buildings' they might require planning permission, but not if we describe them as 'sculptures'.

Neil reports that we have a confirmed budget of £3000 until June, and a generic commitment of support for the near future. We discuss employing Cinzia to carry on some coordinating/administrative functions in relation to the assigned budget from Chelsea of £3000 - Neil has discussed this with Steven Scrivener. As Parade will absorb all our energies, and we feel it will be the only project CP carries on in the near future, Neil suggests that the whole amount is used to remunerate Cinzia. Marsha feels that giving the whole amount to one member of CP is excessive and that monies should be reserved for other members. This is also the first time Marsha heard about Cinzia's proposed role as coordinator; Neil explains this has been in process for some time. Marsha also feels that this will change her sense of how she participates in CP. After discussion, we agree to dedicate £2000 to support Cinzia half day a week between now and the end of June, and re-assess the rest of the budget at a later date. Neal warns of the risk of exploitation from Chelsea College. Marsha observes that she makes 16.00/hour GBP for working as a research assistant and assumes this will be a guide for Cinzia's payment. Marsha would also like some kind of accountability for how Cinzia's time is spent--what exactly one can accomplish in four hours. With this said, she recognizes and appreciates that Cinzia will work many hours for which she will not get paid...and that Cinzia does not wish to separate out her paid work and engage in such auditing.

Action Cinzia will draft a list of activities as a pseudo-job description, post it on the wiki and ask everybody to review/change it within a week.
Its Here
Action Cinzia will set up a collective bank account and coordinate with Neil for signatures.

We reconsider the date for the next meeting and agree that 27th March at 2 pm is best for all of us present.

Action Cinzia will e-mail Kuba to check that this is OK for him too (DONE)

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Marsha is still working through her experience of the meeting...