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  • Unpicking the conceptual and symbolic frameworks we use to make sense of our world.
  • Thinking about Stephen and Anya's reflections on the potential of the art strike - They conclude with this quote: 'In 1953, Guy Debord painted on the wall of the Rue de Seine the slogan “Ne travaillez jamais” (“Never Work”). The history of the avant–garde is filled with calls to ‘never artwork’, but the dissolution of the artistic object and insurgent energies of labour refusal have become rendered into the workings of semiocapitalism and the metropolitan factory. To renew and rebuild a politics and form of social movement adequate to the current composition does not start from romanticising the potentiality of becoming creative through artistic production or working from the creative production that already is, but rather by working in the nexus between the two. In other words, to start from how the refusal of work is re–infused into work, and by understanding that imposition and rendering, and struggling within, against and through it.' p.74

Background Research

  • value brokering - a behaviour - connects to Fluxus, RA, etc.


  • Does value-brokering entail the commercialization and specularization of practice? In what ways can the practice resist these things?
  • Does (following Dezeuze this approach take for granted a universal definition and context of value-brokering (147)?

First Commandments for Scholars of Value

Value broker-hood

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Emerging Themes:

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Factic - individual - psycho:

Factic - socialized - socio:






Forms and Functions