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The ACE bid was structured in such a way that it would ensure payment to CP members for their contribution to #TransActing: A Market of Values. The nine members named in the bid were: Amy, Claire, Kuba, Karem, Marsha, Metod, Neil C, Neil F and Sissu. Those named can claim the following: £600/per person for facilitation + £500 to administer to stalls as they see fit.

Please consider the following when claiming:

  • an artist fee of £600/per CP member is the max you can claim for contribution. This involves facilitating £500 of stalls + contributing to meetings + contributing to prepping #TransActing during the stall-prep time, 3rd - 10th of June and/or publication contribution, etc. It's completely up to you how much you claim. You need to calibrate this in relation to you commitment. But please be aware that whatever you don't claim will go directly to the Market. You may, for example, choose only to claim £300 of your fee because you're busy with other projects. This being the case, £c00 will be redistributed.
  • £500 has been distributed per artist named in the ACE bid to distribute among stalls. If your contributors don't need financial support because they already earn salaries and/or don't require payment for some other reason, what's left over as of 1st June 2015 will be redistributed. Please be advised that we won't know what this means to you until you complete the following table.

Marsha will claim the full amount: £600 for facilitation + £500 for stalls = £1100

Metod will claim the full amount: £600 for facilitation + £500 for stalls = £1100