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Uploading Images to the Wiki

ONE: Be sure your jpegs aren't too big - I work on a Mac and export them from iphoto as jpeg quality "lowest" - but keeping the picture at the biggest size.

TWO: Name your photos before uploading so they're not just something like IMAG.1234 as this can make them difficult to recognize when they're listed in the wiki's filing system - which appears as part of "file list" (see attachment A). If you ever need to access this, go to toolbox on the main page > special pages > file list. But you may never need to do this...I'm mentioning it so you know it's there. Also, try to keep the names short - a couple words would be good.

THREE: Sign in to the wiki

FOUR: Go to the main page and locate the toolbox menu on the left-hand side. Click on "upload file".

FIVE: Browse your computer to locate your named and appropriately sized file and "select". I usually park all the images I want to upload on my desktop as I find this most accessible. Meanwhile...back at the wiki...I never bother with the "summary" myself (This will make sense when you see the page)...but whatever floats your boat. Click "upload file".

You may get a warning your file is too big. If it's a gig don't worry. If it's 50 gigs, you'll need to downsize the image and start again.

SIX: Once you have the image uploaded, copy the whole page name as it appears on the orange banner. In attachment B, it reads:
Image:Call now.jpg

This file name will work as a placeholder...It's what you put in the wiki image page to call up the image from the file list.

SEVEN: Open the page on the wiki where you want the image to appear. Click on the edit function at the top of the page, just like you would if you were going to edit text on the page. Place your image where you'd like it in the text. You do this just like you would any internal page on the wiki - enclose it in square brackets. See attachment C.

Call now.jpg

EIGHT: Hit "preview" to see how the image is looking. If it's too big, you can limit it by adding some extra info to the placeholder-tag-thing:

Call now.jpg

You kinda have to play with this function to get the right size - 300px, 433px, 700px, etc. Check it in "preview" to see how it's rocking...

NINE: If you want to "float" an image in some text (this is how they're currently appearing on the Big Ideas 2011 page), you need a slightly different tag: Here's an example...


TEN: When you're done playing with the image and you've previewed it and are happy, hit "save page" at the bottom.


Hope this helps. As always, the best thing to do is look at pages you like and copy and paste the code. It's very difficult to "break the wiki" - If something goes wrong as you copy and paste, it's easy to revert back to a previous version. But that's the stuff of another wiki workshop!

Have fun uploading images!

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