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We will be working in Madrid with El Ranchito from 8th - 16th January.

We arrived, acclimatized and discussed on Madrid Research Day 1 and on Madrid Research Day 2

Consensus Walk

Scott and Metod will lead a walk, where the locations and route are decided collectively by CP and El Ranchito participants, before and during the walk. Its an emergent and divergent walk

Here are some ideas and Notes for a Walk in Madrid
Proposed: 2-3h / afternoon

Workshop, and analogue wiki

Metod will lead a brainstorming workshop with CP and El Ranchito on the Ranchito project.
What do we want to do, and how do we want to do it?

It will require a large bulletin board - a place to visualize our thinking together - could it remain undisturbed during the project? - sticky notes --relates back to CP Self Organisation workshop several years ago - led by Ian
Proposed: 1.5-2h / afternoon

Pecha Kucha

In the early evening, a fast and furious Pecha Kucha session on Inspiration/aspiration for members of CP and El Ranchito. Coordinated by Marsha

Pecha Kucha is a mode of presentation that originated in Japan, and asks participants to make a presentation of, or alongside 20 images for 20 seconds - that's roughly six minutes (a slide show-presentation works well). Pecha Kucha is Japanese for ‘the sound of conversation!’

Inspiration + Aspiration
person 01 Marsha Bradfield marshabradfield atgmaildotcomb Marsha's Research Hub Critical Practice Title TBC
person 02 ******* ******** ************* none *******************
person 03 Scott Schwager / website Critical Practice Inspirations from London: A personal aspiration
person 04 ******* ******** ************* none *******************
person 05 ******* ******** ************* none *******************
person 06 ****** forthcoming **** **** TBC
person 07 ******** tbc **** **** TBC

Beer and tapas too
Proposed: evening
The Pecha Kucha was cancelled due to a meeting clash, although we had a productive day,


A barcamp with CP/El Ranchito/and others around Collaboration/Cooperation or other organizational models

BarCamps are an international network of user generated unconferences — open, participatory, and often thrilling workshop-events, whose content is provided by participants.

They work like this: presentations are proposed in advance (see sign-up sheet below) or on on-the-day by attendees. We then try, live and on-site to build themed 'sessions' or groups of related presentations using white/flip boards. All attendees are encouraged to present and share their expertise. At the moment we are thinking of 10 minute presentations, with 10 minutes for questions/discussion. We try and keep lots of notes (live scribe and blogging) and everyone is encouraged to share information and experiences of the event, both live and after the fact.

Proposed: 7min presentation / 10min discussion (x number of presentations) / afternoon

Collaboration/Cooperation (or other organizational models)
person 01 Neil Cummings neil type chanceprojects type com website Critical Practice cooperation needs guidelines
person 02 Metod Blejec / Critical Practice Collaboration as a perspective shift
person 03 Scott Schwager / website Critical Practice Collaboration n. 1. division or multiplier of labour?
person 04 Marsha Bradfield marshabradfield atgmaildotcomb Marsha's Research Hub Critical Practice Title TBC
person 05 Karem Ibrahim **** Critical Practice Collaboration as the only Choice
person 06 ****** forthcoming **** **** TBC
person 07 ******** tbc **** **** TBC

Future Archive Workshop

Based on a method developed by Manuela Zechner for the Future Archive, its the future, it's 2061, and we are looking back on El Ranchito and the Matadero and what they enabled.

The workshops will be super-informal, through conversation, post-it maps, drawings, and wild speculation we will performatively inhabit 2061, and then try and remember how we got there. We can be as speculative, dystopian, rational or optimistic as we want to be……..the future remains unwritten.

Neil will facilitate this back to the future exercise...

Proposed: 2h / afternoon

return to Ranchito



All proposed workshops / barcamps / exercises are open and are subject to change. El Ranchito and CP will coordinate the course of the week to suit our needs.

CP in Madrid / 8.-16. January 2011

When: 8th - 16th January 2011
Location: El Ranchito residence (flat) / Matadero, Madrid

2nd Research trip: Archive
Day 1 (8. 1. 2011):

Day 2 (9. 1. 2011)

Day 3 (10. 1. 2011):

Day 4 (11. 1. 2011):

Day 5 (12. 1. 2011):

Day 6 (13. 1. 2011):

Day 7 (14. 1. 2011):

Day 8 (15. 1. 2011):

Day 9 (16. 1. 2011):

Reflections on Workshops/barcamps/exercises