Xmas Shindig Minutes

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6:00 pm:

Neil gave an update on Ranchito and Metod Marsha and Kuba reported back on Alternativa meeting in Gdansk and the F/S University Summit in Warsaw.

7:00 - 9:00 pm:
We had a new members workshop and refresher on the Wiki using the New Members Manual
led by Marsha

9:00 - ? pm:
Dinner was terrific! We had potato and fish dishes by Kuba, Schnite by Metod, mince pies by Neil, a delicious Guacomole and collaborative cheeseboard by Ken and Karem, and lots of other great food by Marsha and all. It was a great Potluck!

Those there included Neil, Marsha, Scott, Ken, Karem, Raquel, Sharon, Metod, Phil, and Dan.

Dress Code was Hard Hats

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Christmas shindig