2014-09-16 meeting minutes

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DATE Tuesday 16th September 2014
LOCATION Room E305, 5.15pm till 7:20pm, Chelsea College of Arts, Millbank

THOSE PRESENT:Marsha, Eva, Karem, Catherine, Amy, Sissu, Neil M, Metod, Neil C and Claire
APOLOGIES:Kuba and Trish

Item 1: Reconnecting after the long summer break

To discuss: All good.

Action: None

Item 2: Utopoly anyone?

To discuss: Claire is coordinating a working group to develop Utopoly. A trip to the Museum of Childhood was suggested to the group.

Action: Claire needs to make a page on the wiki for the working group.

Item 3: Utopographies publication

To discuss: The publication is made up of 20x A5 cards and 2x A3 posters. It was sent to the printer in July, requesting 150 copies. Once located, it will need to be assembled. Bulldog clips and/or string were suggested. The group agreed to experiment with each to see what works best.
The group liked the idea of launching the publication as a chance to raise the profile of the Market of Evaluation.

Action: Metod will email Dan to see if he knows where the publication is.
We need to fix a date and gather a group to assemble the publication.
Details of the launch to be explored at the next meeting.
Metod will prepare the publication to be published online. Marsha will follow up with him about this after 5 October.

Item 4 & 5: Outstanding and possible screening events

To discuss: Ed Webb-Ingall worked on the Substrates symposia at Chelsea and has a moving image practice.
Amy is still interested in the cycling cinema, though timing is an issue. It will probably move to an indoor venue.
Metod is still interested in organising a curated programme of documentaries. There was enthusiasm for giving the audience multiple remote controls to intervene with the film. The group suggested he choose a group of short films to screen, giving people the chance to view them ahead of the event. It was also suggested that it may be interesting to interject this way into films the group hasn't seen.
Open School East in Hackney has approached Neil about their own screening series. This may relate to Critical Practice's series.
Marsha is waiting to hear from Basia about whether she is still interested in organising a screening.

Action: Metod to organise his screening before Christmas.
Neil will report back to the group about his meeting with Open School East after their meeting on Thursday 18 October.

Item 6: Working with the good folk from ENTERPRISE...

To discuss: Kelly Palmer is now running the Parade Ground. Elizabeth Cameron, also from Enterprise, has approached Marsha about working with Critical Practice on a Parade Ground project. Critical Practice is open to meeting with them to see if they can offer opportunities to raise our profile and find out how we can profit from a relationship.

Action: Marsha and Karem to meet with Elizabeth Cameron.

Item 7&8: Meeting with Andreas Lang and Involving others in the Market

To discuss: Andreas is keen but cautious. He works with Public Works in Hackney Wick. He has a socially engaged practice, indigenous knowledge, feral knowledge and he is a pedagogical figure. It may be good to work with him in Hackney Wick where he is embedded. However, we may also want to work with Ken Wilder here at Chelsea where Critical Practice is embedded. Kim Trogal, Post-Doc at CSM is also interested in being a part of the Market. Questions raised were: where to have the Market? how to build it? Can the Market draw value to practices? Will stall holders design their stalls? Parade was organised on the wiki and the budget was £30,000, largely from the support of Polish partners. Critical Practice can work together to design the Market. Neil has been researching flea market set ups, and the basic layout for a stall is a trestle and something to keep the rain off. One idea was that stall holders would all have the same umbrella, and then freedom to design their stall as they like.

Action: Marsha will set a date with Andreas to meet about a design. She will announce when it is set, and anyone who can make it can attend.

Item 9: Dates/location for the Market

To discuss: We could do 2 Markets, one at Swan Wharf in Hackney Wick and one in Chelsea?

Action: Marsha will talk to Andreas about using Hackney Wick, how many Markets to hold and where to hold them

Item 10: Update on CP's finances and seeking additional monies for the Market

To discuss: At the moment we can account for a budget for the Market of about £10,000.

Action: Neil to talk to Malcolm about the possibility of exploiting CCW's relationship with the ICA.

Item 11: Settling up for the bike tours and other expenses

To discuss: Marsha was apologetic that fees and expenses have been slowly forthcoming. She hopes that it will all be sorted in the next month.

Action: None.

Item 12: Report back on bike tour documentation

To discuss: Neil thought it was amazing.

Action: None.

Item 13: Report back on kickstarter or other crowd funding

To discuss: Metod is enthusiastic about this prospect and Neil would like to assist him in working on this. As a thank you to donors we can offer a stall or a print. Could Critical Practice offer consultancy work? Or some other currency? Can we offer a prize that will bring people to the Market?

Action: Metod will organise to meet with Neil about taking a Kickstarter campaign forward.
Marsha and Kuba will put in an application to Arts Council England.

Item 14: Any Other Business (AOB)

To discuss: How will we document the Market? Parade's publication was an afterthought. Perhaps it could be a book in 3 parts? The first volume may have to do with historical aspects of markets and come out before the Market. A publication launch could be used as a meet and greet event before the Market. Neil referred back to the multi-vocal introduction of Critical Practice by its members, as each sees it.

Action: Next meeting will be about Market content, Tuesday 23 September at 6pm, on the 1st floor balcony over the bar (to the side of the shop).
Critical Practice to make a dossier of the Market to use for fund raising. The Dortmund and Berlin texts on the wiki have good Market descriptions.
Metod will organise a publication working groups for documentation for/of the Market.
Marsha will talk to Ed Webb-Ingall to see if he can make something about the Market.
Marsha wil circulate a published version of the multi-vocal introduction.

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