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DATE: Tuesday 23rd November 2010
LOCATION: 6.15pm till 8pm, Green Room, Chelsea College of Art and Design, Millbank

ATTENDING</br>: Scott, Metod, Marsha, Neil, Ewelina, Cathy, Karem

<b>Appoint chair Ewelina Appoint Minute Taker Marsha

Item 1: Publication Layout

To discuss: first draft layout of the Parade Publication, what do we think?

We're all excited about the publication and think it looks really good.

  • Dates are not ideal
  • Like "pull quotes" (Neil asks for suggests about which text to pull quote)
  • Love the duotone
  • We agree we’ll stick with “Parade Narrative”
  • Concerns that pull quotes look like titles
  • Marsha thinks we should streamline all the minutes so they’re consistent - Was there agreement about this?!
  • Metod has some reservations about the font – not Helvetica
  • We love the gate fold
  • Map of the location of the stalls? Metod agrees to produce map
  • Second section – uncoated – pearl?
  • Do we want the photographs spot coated? Would it be too expensive?
  • 5th colour?
  • Could put the map on the back of the back of the gate fold


  • Marsha to send photos of previous barcamps
  • Metod to make several covers and we’ll pick and choose
  • Metod map for Thursday Dec 2, 2010

Item 2; Workshops/activities and barcamps for Ranchito We're all excited about the Ranchito project and are planning the following...

  • Analogue Wiki (Metod to faciliate) - large bulletin board - a place to visualize our thinking together - could it remain undisturbed during the project - sticky notes - (relates back to CP self-organization workshop several years ago - led by Ian and Robin)
  • Walk (Scott and Karem to faciliate) - we talk about a derive as well as something more structured - mapping could be a metaphor for the project
  • Barcamp - modes of (self)organization
  • PechaKucha - on the theme "inspiration and aspiration"
  • Future Archives - (on the Friday) - Ranchito in 2020
  • Also, in the pub after the meeting we agreed to do something related to wikis


  • To develop workshops further and feedback at December 16, 2010 meeting

Item 3; The New Members Manual

It looks fantastic - but needs some pictures here Great work Neil. Would be good if others contributed.

To discuss: Does it work and how will we introduce it to new members at the Christmas party

Tripartite meeting:

  • 6:00 - 7:00 CP meeting - bring workshop ideas for Ranchito
  • 7:00 - 9:00 New Members workshop - (Marsha to facilitate) - includes wiki workshop

Item 4: Broken List

The list is broken again - this isn't sustainable - we need to getting more support for the wiki
  • Ewelina to contact wiki friend and see if he can help or make recommendations

Item 5: Any Other Business (AOB)


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