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DATE: Tuesday 23rd November 2010

LOCATION: 6.15pm till 8pm, Green Room, Chelsea College of Art and Design, Millbank
In Attendance: Scott, Metod, Marsha, Neil, Ewelina, Cathy, Karem; Present in the pub: Neil, Marsha, Scott, Metod

Chair: Ewelina
Minute Taker: Marsha

Item 1: Publication Layout

To discuss: first draft layout of the Parade Publication, what do we think?

We're all excited about the publication and think it looks really good. We thank Neil for his work on this.

  • Format of dates are not ideal
  • Like "pull quotes" (Neil asks for suggests about which text to pull quote)
  • Love the duotone
  • We agree we’ll stick with “Parade Narrative” instead of "Research Narrative"
  • Concerns that pull quotes look like titles
  • Marsha thinks we should streamline all the minutes so they’re consistent - Was there agreement about this?!

NO! we agreed to keep the differences but try and limit the range of bold, underlined and bold and underlined hierarchies.

  • Metod has some reservations about the font – not Helvetica
  • We love the gate fold
  • Map of the location of the stalls? Metod agrees to produce map
  • Second section – uncoated – pearl?
  • Do we want the photographs spot coated? Would it be too expensive?YES
  • Could put the map on the back of the back of the gate fold


  • Marsha to send photos of previous barcamps
  • Metod to make several covers and we’ll pick and choose
  • Metod map for Thursday Dec 2, 2010

Item 2; workshops/barcamps/exercises for Ranchito We're all excited about the Ranchito project and are planning the following...

  • Monday:
Analogue Wiki (Metod to facilitate) - large bulletin board - a place to visualize our thinking together - could it remain undisturbed during the project - sticky notes - (relates back to CP self-organization workshop several years ago - led by Ian and Robin)
  • Tuesday:
  • Walk (Scott and Karem to facilitate) - we talk about a derive as well as something more structured - mapping could be a metaphor for the project
  • PechaKucha - (in the evening) on the theme "inspiration and aspiration"
  • Wednesday:
  • Wiki workshop (?)
  • Thursday:
  • Barcamp - modes of (self)organization
  • Friday:
  • Future Archives - (on the Friday) - Ranchito in 2020
  • Also, in the pub after the meeting we agreed to do something related to wikis. Talking about the sixth "workshop" relating to our wiki: reading and rewriting aims and objectives of the CP. El Ranchito people invited to attend and contribure.


  • To develop workshops further and feedback at December 16, 2010 meeting
  • Neil to contact El Ranchito folk and invite them to contribute to our proposed "workshops" and/or come up with additional.

There is difference of opinion regarding the memory of the structure for the workshops/barcamps/exercises

Item 3; The New Members Manual

It looks fantastic - but needs some pictures here Great work Neil. Would be good if others contributed.

Marsha expressed a need for a hard copy. Metod to commit to design hard copy guidelines to be handed out/sent/downloaded to existing/new/potential CP members.

To discuss: Does it work and how will we introduce it to new members at the Christmas party

Tripartite meeting:

  • 6:00 - 7:00 CP meeting - bring workshop ideas for Ranchito
  • 7:00 - 9:00 New Members workshop - (Marsha to facilitate) - includes wiki workshop

Item 4: Broken List

The list is broken again - this isn't sustainable - we need to getting more support for the wiki
  • Ewelina to contact wiki friend and see if he can help or make recommendations

Item 5: Who is going to Ranchito?

How to pay our way?
  • We know Ranchito will pay for some of the flights; we agree CP will use it's remaining budget to pay for others
  • Ewelina would like to come but it depends on availability
  • It's agreed we'll fly on the Sunday instead of the Monday.
  • It's agree we'll send our availability to Neil by Monday, November 30, 2010.

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