Agenda for 16 September 2014

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DATE 16 September 2014 - 5.15 - 7:30-ish
LOCATION Chelsea E305

Appoint chair

Appoint Minute Taker

Item 1: Reconnecting after the long summer break

To discuss: Where is everyone at?

Item 2: Utopoly anyone?

To discuss: Do we want to progress this game and if so, how?

Item 3: Utopographies publication

To discuss: Have the publications arrived? Do we want to do a launch?

Item 4: Outstanding screening events

To discuss: We have three screenings still outstanding: the one curated by Basia, the one by Metod and Amy's cycling cinema. How to proceed?

Item 5: Possible screening events

To discuss: The potential of doing something screening-related to with Ed Webb-Inga and/or Dr Andrea Luka Zimmerman - Marsha to brief

Item 6: Working with the good folk from ENTERPRISE...

To discuss: Marsha has been approached by ENTERPRISE to perhaps do something together. She also had a nice chat with Elizabeth Cameron the other day on the Parade Ground. Is this a relationship we'd like to pursue?

Item 7: Meeting with Andreas Lang

To discuss: collaborating with public works.Please familiarise yourself with the meeting minutes posted here.

From Kuba: Do we want to organise Market in Hackney Wick?

From Kuba: Do we want public works to work on architecture?

Item 8: Involving others in the Market

To discuss: Ken Wilder may be interested in working on the Market but we'll need to move fast if this project is to be part of his spring curriculum. Also, Marsha had a good meeting with Kim Trogal, - CSM post-doc working in areas related to ethics and resilience. She's great and she's keen to be part of the Market. Hooray! From Kuba: please discuss and let me know how to generate the list of other potential contributors to the market / themes to be explored / forms to be employed.

Item 8: Dates/location for the Market

To discuss: CP's booking of the Parade Ground for the weekend of 4th-6th June 2014 has been trumped by the Degree Show - Marsha to indicate alternative dates. From Kuba: would be good to decide on more general timeline. From Kuba: another matter is if CP wants to use ICA and in which respect? Maybe it manes sense to organise there a performance of Ronny and Katleen? That would suite. The problem is with money, but we could put it into ACE grant.

Item 9: Update on CP's finances and seeking additional monies for the Market

To discuss: How much money do we have? Are we going to try and raise more?

Item 10: Settling up for the bike tours and other expenses

To discuss: Apologies for the mess with payment. All the forms were submitted in July but the person in charge of processing them has been on extended leave. To add insult to injury, some of the information has been 'lost in the system'. We will get there eventually. Your patience is much appreciated.

Item 11: Report back on bike tour documentation

To discuss: Marsha to feedback on where she and Claire are at with wrapping this up.

Item 12: Report back on kickstarter or other crowd funding

To discuss: ?

Item x: Any Other Business (AOB)


here are the 2014-09-16 meeting minutes

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