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I have been looking into the idea of setting up a Local Currency (LC) for the Market of Values.

During the CP meeting 13/10/14 we thought it would be an interesting idea to have a LC which could be used to purchase goods and services whilst in the Market. We need to decide whether the LC becomes a fundamental part of the Market experience such that it is used in the majority of transactions or is a side issue?

An idea was raised to engage Participants (Ps) with other aspects of the Market such as Auctions and Casino style activities whereby the Ps could increase or decrease their LC wealth. However in order to encourage Ps to engage with these activities there would need to be some level of desire or jeopardy in relation to what they could then purchase with the LC.

Here are my thoughts at the moment, it has started to develop into a form of social experiment or game. And as such we could then interview the Ps about their experiences as part of the documentation for the Market.

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