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Documentaries / Films / Lectures - Introduction

Coordinated by Metod Blejec

This library is a selection of documentaries, films and lectures in video format sourced from the web for documentary enthusiasts. If you are a documentary fanatic, feel free to skip this library and go directly to Top Documentary Films. This library is open to copy, disseminate, and use for personal and other uses. Below are few points behind this library.

1.] Films are divided into several segments: Zeitgeist—Foundation, Religion, Economy, War, Society, Science, Environment, Animals & Food, Politics & Conspiracy, Thinkers & Creatives and China.

2.] Most films have links to online video resources except those I have not found in full length or those that exist only as excerpts or trailers. The reason they are included here is because I have them as computer files and can pass them on to you should you so wish to watch them. Some are available only on DVD due to extreme copyright laws.

3.] Asterisk (*) sign indicates I do not have these films as files but are available online or on DVD.

4.] Under the link there are also tags; keywords for easier navigation between subject matters. Sections that are blank are those I have not yet seen and is waiting to be filled out. You can help me out.

5.] Some films have must see next to their titles. This rating refers to films that I suggest to see first as they appear to be (almost) a foundation of our society. That does not mean, however, that some films are not falsely represented or exaggerated.

6.] Few links have also warning notes as those films show explicit violent or disturbing graphic scenes.

7.] Some films also note the duration of the film. Other films without this note are usually under 2h in length.

8.] Some links may not work anymore since it has been a while I have started collecting them. If that is so, please do make a note of it and let me know. I am also constantly adding to the list so if you have more suggestions please let me know.

9.] Please also note that some links may not work due to region restrictions. In other words, you are trying to see them in the wrong country. This mainly regards to Channel 4 (UK) and BBC (UK). Some may not work due to copyright. I am working on finding alternative links to replace current one.

NOTE: Some films, documentaries, lectures may be unbelievable (or are conspiracy theories), so watch all films with a critical eye especially those sections with additional note!

The idea behind this list is to share. So please pass it on!

Ethos & Zeitgeist

(Watch this section with a critical eye!! All three films are overly dramatized.)

Ethos / * / Follow the playlist. / Must see

Tags: ethos, flaws in our systems, mechanisms that work against democracy, environment, politics, economy, war, USA, government

Zeitgeist / Remastered, final version / Must see

Tags: religion (monotheistic), modern myth, economy, banks, money, monetary power, profit, debt, sustaining profit
Similar to Zeitgeist: Addendum.

Zeitgeist: Addendum / Must see

Tags: economy, money, monetary power, profit, future thinking, Venus project, sustainability
Similar to Zeitgeist.

Zeitgeist: Moving Forward / * / 2h 41min / Must see

Tags: Human Nature (Part 1), nurture vs nature, environment, culture, genes, addiction, memory, adaptation, shaped by the society, Social Pathology (Part 2), market, money, labour, economic paradigm, GDP, profit, consumption, economise (?), waste, industry, value system, advertising, money = debt, interest, inequality, monetary-market system, psychosocial stress, Project Earth (Part 3), Venus project, sustainable, resource-based economy, nature, resources, money = false incentive, Rise (Part 4), value system disorder, poverty, oil, energy peak, growth model, exponential population growth


In God's Name / Part 1 of 9. Follow the link. / * / Must see

Tags: 12 spiritual leaders, Amma, Dalai Lama, Pope, Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism, Shintoism, where is/was god?, religious doctrine, preaching, sacred

A War on Science

Tags: lawsuit, christian fundamentalists, evangelicals, science classes in schools, creationism

Jesus Camp / Must see

Tags: evangelicals, christian fundamentalists, child preaching, child 'abuse', brain washing
Note: Slovene subtitles (??)

God's Next Army / *

Tags: evangelicals, christian fundamentalists, teenage and early adulthood preaching, brain washing, extreme right

Occupation 101 / Link currently not working

Tags: Zionism, Israeli-Palestinian conflict

Richard Dawkins: The Rout of All Evil / Must see

The God Delusion / Part 1

The Virus of Faith / Part 2

Tags: religion, monotheistic religion, Christianity, Islam, Judaism, conflict, belief system

Richard Dawkins: The Enemies of Reason

Slaves to Superstition / Part 1

The Irrational Health / Part 2

Tags: superstition, belief, new age religion

Richard Dawkins: The Genius of Darwin

Life and Everything / Part 1

The Fifth Ape / Part 2

God Strikes Back! / Part 3

Tags: the theory of evolution, Darwin, science in schools, creationism

Sex Crimes And Vatican / Link currently not working

Tags: child abuse, Vatican, Christianity, religion, Ireland
Warning: Talks about underage sexual abuse by priests.

Religulous - No Available Link

Tags: monotheistic religion, Christianity, comedy


The Corporation / 3h / Must see / Part 1 of 23. Please follow the link. (I am searching for a full uninterrupted version.)

Tags: corporations, corporate thinking, profit, power, debt, money, legal person, monetary power

The Money Masters / 3h 30min / Must see

Tags: money, profit, banks, federal reserve, war creating, war sustaining, politics, debt, monetary power

Empire of the City: The Ring of Power / Must see

Part 1 / 2h 23min

Part 2 / 2h 40min

Tags: City of London, City of Vatican, City of Columbia, financial control, religion control, military control, the triad of power: religion, money, military

The Shock Doctrine / * / Must see

Tags: Naomi Klein, shock doctrine, Milton Friedman, economy, capitalism, neo-liberalism, war, profiteering, Chicago School, Chicago boys, after the book The Shock Doctrine
Note: May have region restrictions!

No Logo / *

Tags: Naomi Klein, branding, corporate identity, logotypes, corporations, lifestyle, after the book No Logo

The Ascent of Money / Channel 4 / * / Must see

Dreams of Avarice / Episode 1

Human Bondage / Episode 2

Blowing Bubbles / Episode 3

Risky Business / Episode 4

Safe as Houses / Episode 5

Chimerica / Episode 6

Tags: Professor Niall Ferguson, money, history of money, monetary power, power, banking, corporation, shares, bonds, bubbles, market, stock, financial crash, finance, fraud, legal robbery, emerging markets, financial instability, trade, market fluctuation, neo-liberal doctrine, insurance
Note: May have region restrictions!

Darwin's Nightmare

Tags: Africa, Tanzania, Victoria lake, fishing industry, transportation, importing arms dealing, exporting fish

Enron: The Smartest Guys in the Room / * / Part 1 of 10. Follow the link

Tags: Enron, banking, stock, deregulation, fraud, robbery, investment, stock, energy

Super Rich: The Greed Game / *

Tags: economy, super-rich, banks, finance, hedge fund, brokers, financial crisis, global economy, financial risks, mortgages, lending


War of the World / Channel 4 / *

The Clash of Empires / Episode 1

The Plan / Episode 2

Killing Space / Episode 3

A tainted Victory / Episode 4

The Ice Box / Episode 5

The Descent of the West / Episode 6

Tags: Professor Niall Ferguson, 100 years war, a new history of 20th century, race, empires, Japan, Britain, Russia, China, America, invasion, communism, WW 1, the great depression, Nazi Germany, WW 2, democracy, atomic bomb, arms race, cold war, Korea, Cuba, Latin America, Vietnam, Cambodia, China's revolution, collapse of Russian empire, fall of the Berlin wall, Balkans, ethnic cleansing, Rwanda, 9/11, Arabic uprising

No End In Sight / Part 1 of 3. Follow the link.

Tags: Iraq war, sustaining the war for profit, terrorism

Why We Fight / *

Tags: war, 9/11, reasons for fighting, history of fighting, 2003 Iraq war

The Fog of War / *

Tag: Documentary about Sec. of Defense Robert McNamara's Experience

The Lies that Led to War / CBC: The Fifth Estate / *

Tag: war on terror, preempted war, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, republican, cherry picking, weapons of mass destruction, 9/11

Iraq for Sale / *

Tags: war privatized, Iraq, contractors, Halliburton/KPR, Blackwater, Titan/CACI, abuse of power, lobbying, war profiteering


Adam Curtis, The Century of the Self / Must see

Happiness Machines / Part 1

The Engineering of Consent / Part 2

There is Policeman Inside all our Heads, He Must Be Destroyed / Part 3

Eight People Sipping Wine / Part 4

Tags: Freud's psychoanalysis in practice, the self, ego, super-ego, the id, Anna Freud, Edward Bernays, public relations, Wilhelm Reich, orgonomy, economy, profit, politics, lobby

Adam Curtis, The Mayfair Set - No Available Link


Adam Curtis, The Power of Nightmares / Must see

Baby it's Cold Outside / Part 1

The Phantom Victory / Part 2

The Shadows in the Cave / Part 3

Tags: loss of common enemy, new myth—terrorism, fear, modern warfare, profits, diversions from reality, consumerism

Adam Curtis, The Trap

Fuck You Buddy / Part 1

The Lonely Robot / Part 2

We Will Force You to be Free / Part 3

Tags: freedom, governments, public servants, and the ideologies/philosophies behind them and their institutions

Adam Curtis, Pandora's Box

The Engineer's Plot / Part 1

To The Brink of Eternity / Part 2

The League of Gentlemen / Part 3


Us Now / * / Must see.

Tags: alternative ways of organisation and governance, group action, gift economy, sharing, collectivism

Arithmetic, Population and Energy / a talk by Al Bartlett / Part 1 of 8. Follow the link.

Tags: exponential formula, growth, human population, energy consumption, 8%/year growth, social disconnect, crisis

Michael Moore, Bowling For Columbine - No Available Link / * / Must see

Tags: guns, gun control, second amendment, America's rifle association, Columbine shooting

Michael Moore, Fahrenheit 9/11 - No Available Link / *

Tags: American war, Iraq, G. W. Bush, 9.11.

Michael Moore, Sicko - No Available Link

Tags: American health system, NHS, Cuban health system

Michael Moore, A Capitalism: The Love Story - No Available Link


John Pilger, The War on Democracy / Must see

Tags: American democracy, Venezuela, Latin America, politics, profit, economy, CIA, dictatorship

John Pilger, Breaking The Silence: Truth and Lies in the War on Terror / *

Tags: terrorism, US war policy, United States, Great Britain, G.W. Bush, war on terror, prisoners of war, Afghanistan, Iraq, preempted war, John Pilger

Our Drugs War / *

Everyone's at It

The Life and Death of a Dealer

Birth of a Narco-State

Tags: drugs, narcotics, Britain, US, crime, drug dealing, drug production, drug smuggling, addiction, illegal, legalization
Note: May have region restrictions!

Sex Slaves


The U.S. vs John Lennon / Must see

Tags: John Lennon, Yoko Ono, peace movement, USA, Vietnam war, protest, revolution

Manufacturing Consent / 2h 47min / *

Tags: Noam Chomsky, media, debates, propaganda, public relations, representation, US government, Vietnam war, East Timor, Cambodia, critical thinking, linguistics

Stupidity / *

Tags: stupidity, stupid people, the lowest common denominator, imbecile, moron, IQ, television, viewers


Dangerous Knowledge / *

Tags: science, maths, physics, revolutionary ideas, infinity, certainty, logic, continuum hypothesis, disorder, computer science, Georg Cantor, Ludwig Boltzmann, Kurt Gödel, Alan Turing

Nuclear Fusion / Horizon / *

Tags: nuclear fusion, science, neutrons, solar luminescence, eternal power

Fractals - The Colors Of Infinity / * / Part 1of 6. Follow the link.

Tags: fractals, fractal geometry, Arthur C. Clarke, Mandelbrot set, science, maths

The Search for Life: The Drake Equation — No available link / *

Tags: search for extra-terrestrial, life in the universe, Drake equation, SETI (Search for Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence), ET


Waste = Food / Must see

Tags: cradle to cradle, biosphere, technosphere, biodegradable, sustainable, circular economy, future design/architecture, progressive chemistry, forward thinking

A Crude Awakening / Must see / Link currently not working

Tags: oil, energy, natural resources, oil peak, oil crash, alternative energy, geopolitics, economy, fossil fuels, Baku, Middle East, Saudi Arabia, Venezuela

Al Gore, An Inconvenient Truth - No Available Link

Tags: Al Gore, climate change, environment, global warming, greenhouse gasses, carbon dioxide, polar caps melting

Crude Impact - No Available Link / Must see

Tags: climate, extinction, population, global warming, oil, human rights, food, fossil fuels, oil peak

Edward Burtinsky, Manufactured Landscapes - No Available Link / Must see

Tags: photography, China, electronics, waste, economics, environment, energy, manufacturing, recycling

The 11th Hour / Must see

Tags: global warming, climate change, nature, future, sustainability, future thinking, future design and architecture, Leonardo Di Caprio

The Great Global Warming Swindle

Tags: climate change, science of warming, against global warming propaganda, scientific reasoning

The Curse of Oil / Storyville, BBC / *

Rich and Poor / Part 1

The Pipeline / Part 2

Tags: oil, conflict, war, pollution, inequality, exploitation, causes and effects of oil

Animals & Food

Our Daily Bread / Must see / Link currently not working

Tags: food, industry, food production, fruit, vegetable, meat, film with no comment

Animal Farm / *

Food for Thought / Episode 1

From Mouse to Man / Episode 2

Arrival of the Clones / Episode 3

Tags: animals, plants, engineering, production, food manufacturing, selective breathing, bio-technology, genetic science, genetic manipulation, transgenics, cloning, genetic technologies, franken-food, bio-medicine, stem cells, animal testing, DNA
Note: May have region restrictions!

The Cove / *

Tags: dolphins, killing of dolphins, Japan, food, sea food poisoning, mercury, activism, whaling, flipper
Warning: Shows explicit slaughter of dolphins!

Earthlings / *

Tags: humanity's abuse of animals, pets, food, clothing, entertainment, scientific research
Warning: Shows explicit footage of abuse, killing and disregard for animals and their rights from start!

Slaughterhouse: The Task of Blood / BBC / *

Tags: animal killing, animal slaughter, food, meat, factory,
Warning: Shows explicit animal slaughter in slaughter house from start!

Controlling Our Food / *

Tags: Monsanto, bio-engineering, food control, seed monopoly

Politics & Conspiracy

(Watch this section with a critical eye!!)

Global Warming or Global Governance

Tags: climate change, global warming, scientific reasoning, against global warming propaganda, one world government, new world order

WikiRebel / *

Tags: Wikileaks, Julian Assange, free information, conspiracy, voice of voiceless, accountability, governments

911 - Ripple Effect

Tags: conspiracy theory, 9/11, modern myth, politics, extremism, terrorism

Endgame: Blueprint For Global Enslavement

Tags: Bilderburg group, 120-200 most powerful individuals, politics, industry, one world order, one world government

Eternal Vigilance - No Available Link

Tags: 2000 and 2004 US elections, plots behind ballot counting, stolen election

One Nation Under Siege

Tags: conspiracy theories, politics, 9/11, US governance, US patriotic act, US laws

Conspiracy Of Silence

Tags: Lawrence King, Boys Town - Nebraska, sexual abuse, under age sexual abuse, pedophilia, '80s

Liberty Bound

Tags: media, corporations, politics, law making, terrorism, government, US patriotic act

Hacking Democracy

Tags: hacking, democratic elections, American elections, electronic voting, conspiracy

Obama Deception / *

Tags: Barack Obama, Bilderburg Group, new world order, international banking, lies, deception, politics, economy, betrayal

Funny thing happened on the way to the Moon / *

Tags: conspiracy theory, landing on the moon, document investigation, NASA, NASA space program, race to the moon, deception, staging

Thinkers & Creatives

Philosophy: A Guide to Happiness / Must see

Seneca on Anger / Episode 1

Schopenhauer on Love / Episode 2

Epicurus on Happiness / Episode 3

Montaigne on Self-Esteem / Episode 4

Socrates on Self-Confidence / Episode 5

Nietzsche on Hardship / Episode 6

Tags: Alan De Boton, philosophy, practical philosophy, on anger, on love, on happiness, on self-esteem, on self-confidence, on hardship

Derrida / Must see

Tags: Derrida's philosophy, lectures, discussions with Derrida

Noam Chomsky, Distorted Morality


Randy Pausch, Achieving Your Childhood Dreams / The Last Lecture / Must see

Tags: inspirational, the wall theory, last lecture, Carnegie Mellon University

Žižek! / Must see

Tags: Žižek's philosophy, lectures, discussions with Žižek

Slavoj Žižek, The Pervert's Guide to Cinema - No Available Link / Must see

Tags: psycho-analyzing films, psychoanalysis, Hollywood films analyzed, film history, giants of cinematography

Living in the End Times – According to Slavoj Žižek

Tags: Žižek's philosophy, communism, Marxism, contemporary issues, propaganda

Joseph Beuys / * / Part 1 of 7. Please follow the link.

Tags: Joseph Beuys, art, German, the career of Joseph Beuys, from WW2 until his death in 1986

The Secret - No Available Link

Tags: self help, what you can do in life, inspirational, life guidance, achieving an American dream

Sir Ken Robinson, Do Schools Kill Creativity? / Must see

Tags: education system, creativity, nurturing, redefining the education

Sir Ken Robinson, Bring on the Learning Revolution! / Must see

Tags: education revolution, creativity, nurturing, linearity in education, Life not linear it is organic, talent, intelligence, conformity, standardisation, changing industrial model of education to agricultural model

Sir Ken Robinson, Changing Paradigms? / Must see

Tags: creativity, humanity, education system, ADHD, individual potential

Sir Ken Robinson / Hammer Lectures / *

Tags: Lecture, The Element book presentation, creativity, education, schools

Dan Pink, Drive: The Surprising Science of Motivation

Tags: motivation, drive, incentive, autonomy - self-direction, mastery, purpose

Orson Wells, The One-Man Band / * / Must see

Tags: On the life of American director Orson Wells.

Four American Composers: John Cage / *

Tags: art, performance, installation, philosophy

Marina Abramović, Balkan Baroque / 1999 / * / Must see

Tags: art, performance, installation, philosophy, collaboration, Balkan

John Baldassari, Some Stories / *

Tags: John Baldassari Documentary

Jean Baudrilard, The Violence of the Image / 2004 / *

Tags: Baudrilard's lecture on the violence of the image

Matthew Taylor, 21st century enlightenment / RSA / *

Tags: progress, progression, enlightened, innovation, individualism, collectivity, empathy

The Invention of Dr. Nakamats / *

Tags: inventor, Japanese, floppy disc, eccentric, (mad), design, innovation, Nobel Laureate for Nutrition, obsession, lifestyle

The Boy Whose Skin Fell Off / *

Tags: Johnny Kennedy, skin condition, dieing, death, charity, humour, human spirit

Why Beauty Matters, by Roger Scrution / * / Part 1 of 6. Please follow the link.

Tags: beauty, preaching, art, traditional art vs contemporary art, religion, usefulness vs uselessness, philosophy, conservative view


Undercover Tibet / *

Tags: Tibet, undercover, free Tibet, struggle, protest, forced relocation, Han, imprisonment, China
Note: May have region restrictions!

Ghosts / *

Tags: immigration in the UK, China, Chinese illegal immigration, cockle picking, exploitation, smuggling

Last Train Home / *

Tags: China's annual migrations, Chinese new year, traveling home, train
Note: May have region restrictions!

China Blue' / Independent Lens / *

Tags: Chinese labour, working conditions, economy, outsourcing, cheap labour, migration

China's Olympic Lie / Unreported World / *

Tags: China's human rights violation, Olympic Rush, China's development

Brat Camp / China / *

Tags: spoiled children in China

Trading in Death / China / *

Tags: human rights, violence, violation of human rights in China

One Child Policy / China / *

Tags: one child policy in China, growing population, nation of spoiled children

The Dying Rooms / *

Tags: children, China, one child policy, abandoned, abortion, sterilization, distress, orphanage, abandoned girls, malnourished, abuse of children, human rights violation, death
Warning: Shows explicit children abuse from start! This is the most distressing film seen to date!!

China's Stolen Children / * / Limited time. Searching for better link.

Tags: China, one child policy, human trafficking, trading in children, distress, abduction
Note: May have region restrictions!

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