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Here is the wiki editable version of the Utopographies Open Discussion Transcript 20 September 2014

Invitation for CP to participate.

Five Years,
66 Regents Studios,
8 Andrews Road,
London E8 4Qn

Date: Friday 3rd October 2014 11am - 2pm

Dear CP

I fear that the missive that I posted in July this year (see below) may never have been received by you. I apologise for the short notice and the length of this post.

I’ll try again. My proposition is relatively straightforward - the invitation that was always part of the proposal that I (Edward Dorrian, Five Years) submitted (and we ‘performed’) for Utopia: Evaluation, Consensus and Location on the 29th March 2014 should be extended to you (CP and anyone who attended) to view/read and discuss on Friday 3rd October 2014 (11am-2pm) the possibilities for editing the draft material recorded in March as part of a wider three day (3-5 October) discussion event organized by Five Years and School of the Damned entitled - Benefit: All Research is Crisis. This event will take place in the gallery at Five Years.

The recorded discussion as such has only now been transcribed. This is a raw and almost completely unedited transcription made by a third-party of the recordings. A first (rough) draft will be presented as a limited edition of 4 ‘proofing copy’ to be read/ discussed in the gallery in October.

At present this edition is not for publication.

The transcription as it stands can be sent to you (anyone of those participants of the March/Utopia discussion) who wish to preview it.

The edition will remain at Five Years over the weekend (3-5 October) serving as possible prompt for further discussion.

The text at this point is anonymous (a list of participants was not taken at the time). How we/you decide to proceed will form part of discussion in October. Please be aware that this will only be a possible starting point for any future publication. I would like to publish through Five Years as part of Public Series (note that Critical Practice has already published a contribution with Five Years already This along with any other issues can and will be discussed.

The video footage is unedited and will be shown in the gallery.

Please see links below for outline of the October schedule. and refer to for original proposal.

Again I apologise for the lateness of this invitation.

I hope that it is possible to develop further discussion. Please let me know if you have any queries.

Many thanks

Edward Dorrian

Five Years

8 October 2014

Further from Edward:
Please find PDF of (raw data for proofing) publication/book ostensibly discussed at Five Years (see picture).
I'd like to publish an edited version of the book through Five Years Publications (Public Series no.6)
As it stands, none of the text has been edited from the third party transcription.
I intend to edit only those parts that I can identify as my own. It may be envisaged that footnotes/endnotes/appendix may be inserted.
A final list of all words will then be compiled.

If you are interested you may also want to write your own introduction too.
If you are not interested the publication/book will remain 'not for publication'.
Let me know if you want one of the limited edition of 4 copies?

I've attached the two audio files. They overlap at about 41.27 on the Experts.mp3 and carry on to the end of the LS100202.MP3 file.

Let me know what you all think

All the best

Edward Dorrian
Five Years

October 8, 2014

Hi Edward:

Thanks for this. First of all, will there be a digital copy of the publication if only 4 hardcopy ones are going to be made? CP places a high priority on getting resources into the public domain.

Could you explain what you mean by a list of all words?

Also, we need due dates for me to pitch this in our meeting on October 13th.

In the event we do take up this project and write an intro, could you let us know what kind of word length we're talking about?


8 October 2014

Thanks Marsha,

1 Yes a digital copy will be free to download and/or as a printed on demand black & white bound paperback... once you've consented to its publication. The hard copies exist in their present stage as interim documents prior to final agreed edit.

2 It maybe a good idea if you look through the PDF. It's very straightforward. The list of words is an arrangement of all words spoken/recorded/edited in alphabetic order.

3 The length of your introduction is up to you. If the volume goes over 700 pages it may be necessary/ advisable to cut into 2 volumes.

4 Due dates can agreed by you... it depends on how much you want to read/ listen/ edit your text.
If its helpful I'll be looking to launch in May 2015... so a final draft to be printed in March 2015?

It really is up to you as too what you want to consent to.

all the best, Edward Dorrian

8 October 2014

Thanks, can you just confirm that you're happy for me to put this all up on CP's wiki? That's how we typically roll.

ATB, Marsha

8 October 2014

Yes, that's great

Edward Dorrian

14 October 2014

Dear Edward:

We discussed your publication in our meeting last night and I've also put your subsequent invitation on the wiki - here. (Scroll down)

If we understand correctly, you're inviting us to edit the third-party transcript (expect the sections you can clearly identify as your own) and produce an introduction.

This being the case, would you kindly send us a text file that can be easily edited.

Many thanks,
Marsha and CP

14 October 2014

Thanks for that... I'll send you the text as a word doc. on Thursday. All the best, Edward Dorrian

14 October 2014

Dear Marsha and CP

Please find attached word.docx for editing. (There's a link to this in the right-hand column of this page.)
Many thanks,
Edward Dorrian

17 October 2014

Thanks, Edward.

Very much appreciated.

yours, Marsha

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Here's the link to the entire Five Years Invitation folder - you'll find the text we're editing in there. When you save your edits, please include the date and your initials (So: CP_five_years_text_29_03_14_MB). Let's just let the old versions accumulate. That way we'll have a record.

PROPOSED CUT OFF: 24 November 2014 - Do we want to write an introduction in addition to editing the text?