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* [[Minute]] template
* [[Minute]] template
* [[Budget Tables]]
<h2>Organizational archive January 2008</h2>
<h2>Organizational archive January 2008</h2>

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We will post agenda, minutes, points of action, budget and decision making processes on line for public scrutiny; as advised by open-organizations

For more information on how Critical Practice organises itself see Self Organisation.

Document Templates

Organizational archive January 2008


  • See all of our published minutes of meetings and discussions


  • A record of all our agendas


  • Details of our incomes and expenditures

Annual Reports

  • Our original Five Year Plan submitted in May(ish) 2004 to secure funding from Research at Chelsea College of Art and design. It's our foundation document

Organizational archive before January 2008

  • Before we migrated to mediawiki, our organizational archive was evolving here

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