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* [[Budget Tables]]
* [[Budget Tables]]
* [[Invoice]] template
<h2>Organizational archive January 2008</h2>
<h2>Organizational archive January 2008</h2>

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We will post agenda, minutes, points of action, budget and decision making processes on line for public scrutiny; as advised by open-organizations.

For more information on how Critical Practice organises itself see Self Organisation and Communication guidelines. The Social Relations working group considers how Critical Practice is represents itself.

Document Templates

Organizational archive January 2008


  • See all of our published minutes of meetings and discussions


  • A record of all our agendas


  • How to manage budgets, how to claim and details of income and expenditure

Annual Reports

  • Our original Five Year Plan submitted in May(ish) 2004 to secure funding from Research at Chelsea College of Art and design. It's our foundation document

Organizational archive before January 2008

  • Before we migrated to mediawiki, our organizational archive was evolving here

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