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* A record of all our agendas
* A record of all our agendas
* Details of our incomes and expenditures
* Details of our incomes and expenditures

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We are trying to be sensitive to governance.

Governance emerges whenever there is a deliberate organization of interactions between people.

Whenever people form a community, group, centre, cluster or institution – from a loose collection of friends to a public museum - and deliberately organize their interactions, issues of governance follow.

The logic of governance is essentially functional: it is a series of processes that people must continuously carry out for the institution or community to create and replicate itself. Governance refers to a dynamic, rather than a static, system. ‘Open Organizations’ vividly embody this dynamic, they are frequently modeled as self-organizing systems where governance ‘emerges’ from open interaction and exchange.

We are striving to be an open organization, and to make all decisions, processes and production, open and public.

We will post agenda, minutes, points of action, budget and decision making processes on line for public scrutiny; as advised by open-organizations

Document Templates

Organizational archive January 2008


  • See all of our published minutes of meetings and discussions


  • A record of all our agendas


  • Details of our incomes and expenditures

Annual Reports

  • Our original Five Year Plan submitted in May(ish) 2004 to secure funding from Research at Chelsea College of Art and design. It's our foundation document

Organizational archive before January 2008

  • Before we migrated to mediawiki, our organizational archive was evolving here

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