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* [[TransActing Differentiation]]
* [[TransActing Differentiation]]
* [[TransActing: Speakers' Corner]]
* [[TransActing: Speakers' Corner]]
* [[TransActing Information for Stallholders]]
'''Press and Identity'''
'''Press and Identity'''
* [[TransAction Visual Identity]]<br>
* [[TransAction Visual Identity]]<br>

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Arts Council England.
TransActing A4Letter.jpg Saturday, 11th July 2015, 12 - 5pm
This bustling pop-up market will feature artists, designers, economists, civil-society groups, academics, ecologists, activists and others who creatively explore existing structures of evaluation and actively produce new ones.
This page is for the project's working group - where we self-organise our activity. Here's a succinct description of #TransActing: A Market of Values

Coordinators: Marsha Bradfield and Neil Cummings
Members: Amy McDonnell, Karem Ibrahim, Neil Farnan, Angela Hodgson-Teal, Catherine Long, Amy McDonnell, Claire Mokrauer-Madden, Eva Sajovic, Kuba Szreder, Metod, Sissu Tarka, Cinzia Cremona and many more besides.

From CP's archives: Walking amongst Vietnamese and Russian traders at 'Stadium Market' in Warsaw on our research trip exploring public space in post-communist Poland, May 2009

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Press and Identity



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