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Coordinator: Marsha Bradfield and Neil Cummings
Members: Amy McDonnell, Karem Ibrahim, Blanca Regina, Trish, Eva, Claire, Sissu, Catherine

#TansActing A Market of Values project description

Who to invite? What do we want to do?

Do we want to invite speakers? Do we want to epresent certain value-producing systems? Please include any suggestions below:

As some of us have written more suggestions that others, is it the fairest thing to 'divvy up' the contacting? (Say, 5 each)

Noortje Marres to talk about 'issue mapping'? - Amy
Auction (invite someone from an auction house? Hold an auction? Auction off places for talks for payment, plus a CP skills IOU?) - Trish?
Can we run a casino (does anyone know a croupier?) - Sissu
Can we issue a 'currency' to be used at the market - Neil F - currency with lots of zeros Proposal for Local Currency
Micro-finance bank a micro-finance bank could secure, and extend loans for the duration of the market
Christian Nold whose work has included installing a local currency, the Bijlmer Euro in Amsterdam (Metod)
Red Cross Blood Donation As stall where a blood bank is in operation (Neil to research/contact)
Eleanora Belfiore - researcher into values of art - Neil
Alicja Rogalska - an artist from Poland, living in London - establihsed a point to buy tears - Kuba
Stefano Harney - critical expertise in management studies, notions of undercommons - MAYBE! Here is link to Stefano Harney & Fred Moten (2013) The Undercommons: Fugitive Planning & Black Study, Wivenhoe/New York/Port Watson: Minor Compositions. - - Kuba and Marsha
Celine Condorelli - architect and researcher, worked on commons - maybe with Gavin Wade - Kuba
Angus Cameron - we know him - Neil
Ronny Heiremans and Katleen Vermeir - if we wanted to make any screenings - Kuba
Freee! - I think they could contribute interestingly - Kuba
various traders - maverics - boot sales - would need to go to various markets and find them - Amy and Eva
guerilla gardens - and their produces (Wick sessions?) - Eva
Mara Ferreri and QMUL research team on land values at Hackney Wick - covered
food recycling kitchen - Food stalls - Claire and Karem
Marente van der Valk , eco chef working with Tom Hunt - Claire
Folke Koebberling - might be around - Kuba and Marsha
The education market and the marketization of knowledge (representative from UAL?) and Occupy school

Ethical investment David Cross (Marsha)
Occupy school. Occupy ran a free school tent at the St Paul's square occupation. A number of academics gave talks there. Might be able to contact someone who helped run it and see if there would be any capacity to set up an occupy school for the market. (Catherine) (Amy could invite The Islington Mill Art Academy

Buddhist therapist The creation of value through emotional exchange - Amy
The Pizza Laundry Ethical Pizza van (values) - Amy
Jonathan Levin Expert in virtual currencies - Amy
The Artists' Union on pay negotiation and valuing the work of cultural workers - Marsha
Social Attribution Symbols Symbols of values and ethics in business and online. - Metod to follow up on this
Dafne Louzioti on value of movement (Goldsmiths) - Metod to follow up on this
Matteo Menapace on deconstructing and hacking board games. - Metod to follow up on this
Aimee Mathew John on sustainable clothing design. - Metod to follow up on this
Strike! Magazine [1] Strike write concerning the capitalist neo-liberal paradigm and the economy of 'bullshit jobs' - Catherine to follow up
Defend the Right to Protest [2] Defend the right to protest have been highlighting the increased privatisation of student space and how that is used to to prevent protest - Catherine to follow up
RSBP - Marsha
David Toop, invite for a sound improvisation on ‘the gift’.---- Sissu
UTOPOLY game - edition!
Stefan Novotny- of trials (hyper apparatus of evaluation, speculation, value of life/death). Sissu
Sadie Coles (art dealer) Sissu
Isabelle Graw
Minor Compositions could be involved - also contact about the publication
a lady with her vintage 'stall' - she usually sells at East street market on Sundays. She has been telling me about her business and the negotiation between financial, personal (love of it), weather aspects of it and other life commitments. (Eva)
Tal Drori - she has recently carried out this project in a museum in Rome where they have been, by printing on EURO, asking whether this act makes money gain or loose in value. Tal is very up for working with us and developing templates for printing on £. She has also been talking to Lily Cole who with her Impossible project is interesting in working with Tal. Tal is happy to either bring Lily in or not. (Eva)
Richard the Guerilla Gardener - I have known Richard for years. He has been very active in the Heygate estate and elsewhere. I have spoken to him and he is very much up for it.(Eva)
People's Bureau - aspects of why I think this might be interesting for the market: it is about skills exchange, sustainability, existence of different economies, and also being funded by firstly Tate and now Delancey (the developer in E&C).(Eva)
Catija de Hass- Karem
Arne Hendriks- - Karem
Doris Koch- - Karem
Haben Und Brauchen- Karem
Ivan Cash and Andy Dao - Ask them for a version of the Average Income, Occupy Liz' Stamp currently at the V and A Disobedient Objects

  • We like the idea of time slots and space slots, a speakers corner like stall

Marsha's Picks

  • Andrea Luka Zimmerman: I have been making films since 1998, originally as part of the film collective Vision Machine, which worked predominantly in Indonesia, exploring the impact of globalisation and working directly with plantation workers. I am an artist filmmaker and cultural activist. A founding member of the film collective Vision Machine, I worked for over a decade with perpetrators and victims of state sanctioned violence, developing filmic strategies in order to establish the effects of political violence on the public imagination. This period also prompted early research for my film essay Prisoner of War (2015), which investigates US militarism and foreign policy through a character study of one of its most enduring rogue agents. I have just completed Taskafa: Stories of the Street, a film about resistance and co-existence. Voiced by John Berger, from his novel King, it is told through the lives of street dogs in Istanbul, and premiered at the Istanbul Film Festival in April 2013, with other festival screenings lined up. I am currently in production with my new non-fiction feature Estate, a Reverie (2014), the last in a trilogy of works on the Haggerston estate, preceded by the photographic installation on the façade of Samuel House, I am here (2009-13); and publication Estate: Art, Politics and Social Housing in Britain (2010).

  • Artist Union England:Artists’ Union England is a new trade union for professional visual and applied artists. We aim to represent artists at strategic decision-making levels and positively influence the role artists play within society. We aim to challenge the economic inequalities in the art world and to negotiate fair pay and better working conditions for artists. We aim to work with other unions, arts organisations, government bodies and cultural institutions whilst remaining both independent and transparent.We aim towards consensus decision-making, an active grass roots membership and involvement over a wide geographical spread.

  • ArtLeaks: ArtLeaks is a collective platform initiated by an international group of artists, curators, art historians and intellectuals in response to the abuse of their professional integrity and the open infraction of their labor rights. In the art world, such abuses usually disappear, but some events bring them into sharp focus and therefore deserve public scrutiny. Only by drawing attention to concrete abuses can we underscore the precarious condition of cultural workers and the necessity for sustained protest against the appropriation of politically engaged art, culture and theory by institutions embedded in a tight mesh of capital and power.

  • Bev Skeggs: My research interests consolidate around the issue of value and values. How do we know what value and values are? What do they do? I only realized this was my central concern recently when I was asked to summarise my work and noticed that all my research has been framed around these issues. Hence value/s has led me through issues of respectability in class and gender formation, an exploration of symbolic value through media and cultural formations; using feminist and poststructuralist theory, Pierre Bourdieu and to the economic abstractions of Marx, to help me understand. I’m still working on this topic (it is my life’s work), currently attempting to understand how value moves on, through and with people as they live the imperatives of exchange in capitalism. But, more significantly, what remains beyond exchange? What matters to people? How do they formulate value/s beyond economic perceptions? I have been developing the idea of ‘person value’ through ‘value struggles’ to understand how different forms of de/valued personhood are lived.

  • Renee Ridgeway: Renée Ridgway is currently a PhD candidate at Copenhagen Business School in their Management, Philosophy and Politics department and a Research Associate with Leuphana University’s Digital Cultures Research Lab (DCRL). Ridgway is co-initiator and contributor to n.e.w.s. ( and exhibits widely in the Netherlands and internationally as a visual artist. ( She is a graduate of the Rhode Island School of Design, U.S. (BFA) and Piet Zwart Institute, NL (MA).

  • The Royal Society for the Protection of Birds (RSPB): is a charitable organisation registered in England and Wales and in Scotland. It was founded as the Plumage League in 1889 by Emily Williamson. It works to promote conservation and protection of birds and the wider environment through public awareness campaigns, petitions and through the operation of nature reserves throughout the United Kingdom.

  • The Values and Value Unit exists to pull together all the work in the department and college on value and values to generate communication between topics, disciplines, theories and methods. This analysis will be extended to national and international networks. Part of the impetus for the units’ establishment is to map trajectories and understandings of capital value alongside methods of valuation and social values. The unit seeks to evolve existing and new methodological approaches to understand the relationship between values and value. The criteria for what constitutes a value or values will be drawn from what value/s do, can do or cannot. In this way, VAVU will serve to assist in the assessment and deployment of various kinds of engagement and impact that will include think tanks, EU research councils, digital media companies and faith groups. The main activities of VAVU will be seminars, local and international networking, postgraduate support, international conferences and grant seeking. It will operate as an umbrella consortium to bring people together on a variety of projects.

#TansActing A Market of Values project description


Publishing The Market

Potential publishers

Minor Compositions could be involved in terms of market and publication
The Economist it would be very interesting to work with The Economist in one way or the other. E.g. Double page/spread with an issue, or a supplement, or at least an article.
Copy Press might be nice to submit as cp (no single author/editorial) - develop a fine, semi-fictional, soft, smooth, critical, meandering account of the market. Meaning, this could also be the voice of a (virtual) participant or stall holder.

Go here for Visual Research for the market

Archtecture of the Market Andreas Lang and Public Works wiil work with us on finding a fitting architectural/spatial form for the Market. This aspect, as the former experience shows (i.e. Parade), should not be underestimated, as it makes the real difference.
EventBug A twitter-based documentation game that amplifies events with digital archives. Rules of the game and sample of an archive. How it works: you tweet what you heard, seen, talked about and produced using a #hashtag, EventBug engine captures the tweet, saves it and displays it in visual form as an archive. EventBug requires a page and some server space for the final archive. The format was produced by Matteo Menapace and Metod in collaboration. Metod to explain about this format in detail.

Suggested names

  • TansActing. A Market of Values
  • Park-it Market
  • Market Market
  • X Market the Spot
  • The Art Market
  • The Free Market
  • Trade Fare / Trade Fair
  • Trading
  • Market of Value

Things to watch, read and do

Reading list & text exchange
Cinema of Values relevant films and documentaries on value and different modes of economy

  • Take a visit to the London Metal Exchange

An Amassed CP History of the Market